New Testament and Psalms in Southern Sotho, or Southern Sesotho Language

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New Testament and Psalms in Southern Sotho, or Southern Sesotho Language

Testamente e Ntjha le Dipesalema / a Bantu language spoken primarily in South Africa, where it is one the 11 official languages, and in Lesotho/ Standard orthography 1976 tran

Product Details

  • Format: Vinyl Bound
  • Publisher: Bible Society (1992)
  • Language: Southern Sotho
  • Translation: 1976 Standard orthography with maps
  • Product Dimensions: 5.9 x 4.2 x 0.5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 4.8 ounces


The New Testament and Psalms in Southern Sotho, also known as Sesotho or Southern Sesotho, is a vital spiritual resource for the Southern Sotho-speaking community. This edition, titled Testamente e Ntjha le Dipesalema, follows the 1976 standard orthography and includes maps, making it a comprehensive and accessible version of these essential biblical texts. Southern Sotho is a prominent Bantu language spoken primarily in South Africa and Lesotho, where it holds official status.

TRANSLATION! Sesotho Language

Sesotho is a Bantu language that is part of the Niger-Congo language family. It shares close linguistic ties with Setswana, Northern Sotho languages (Sesotho sa Leboa), and Silozi within the Sotho-Tswana language group. The term "Sesotho" has gained wider recognition in English since the 1980s, particularly in South Africa and Lesotho. Sesotho, sometimes referred to as Southern Sotho, is distinguished from Northern Sotho to clarify linguistic distinctions.

Interesting Facts

  • Cultural Heritage: The translation of the New Testament and Psalms into Sesotho preserves and promotes the cultural and spiritual heritage of the Southern Sotho-speaking people.
  • Linguistic Family: Sesotho is closely related to other languages in the Sotho-Tswana group and shares connections with other Southern Bantu languages, enhancing its cultural and linguistic significance.
  • Educational Resource: This edition's inclusion of maps and adherence to the 1976 standard orthography makes it a valuable educational tool for both religious and academic purposes.


The Bible Society has a long-standing mission to provide accessible translations of the Bible in various languages, supporting cultural preservation and spiritual growth within diverse communities. Their work ensures that people can read and understand the Scriptures in their native languages.


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