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Teochew 潮汕话

The Teochew variety also known as Teoswa (Chinese潮州話 or 潮汕話pinyinCháozhōuhuà or CháoshànhuàVietnameseTriều Châu, Chaozhou dialect: Diê⁵ziu¹ uê⁷; Shantou dialect: Dio⁵ziu¹ uê⁷) of Southern Min is a variety of Chinese spoken in the Chaoshan region of eastern Guangdong and by the Teochew diaspora around the world. Teochew is sometimes spelled Chiuchow in Cantonese.

Teochew preserves many Old Chinese pronunciations and vocabulary that have been lost in some of the other modern varieties of Chinese. As such, many linguists consider Teochew one of the most conservative Chinese dialects.