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Lisu 傈僳语

Lisu (Lisu: ꓡꓲ-ꓢꓴ or ꓡꓲꓢꓴChinese傈僳语translit. lìsùyǔBurmeseလီဆူဘာသာစကားpronounced: [lìsʰù bàðà zəɡá]) is a tonal Tibeto-Burman language spoken in Yunnan (southwestern China), northern Burma (Myanmar), and Thailand and a small part of India. Along with Lipo, it is one of two languages of the Lisu people. Lisu has many dialects that originate from the country in which they live. Hua Lisu, Pai Lisu, and Lu Shi Lisu dialects are spoken in China. Although they are mutually intelligible, some have many more loan words from other languages than others.

The Lisu language is closely related to the Lahu and Akha languages and is also related to Burmese, Jinghpaw, and Yi languages.