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Truku (Seediq)

The Truku language (Chinese: 太魯閣族; pinyin: Tàilǔgé zú, also known as Taroko) is spoken by the Truku people and they are an Indigenous Taiwanese tribe. Taroko is also the name of the area of Taiwan where the Truku tribe resides. Truku is one of the three main dialects of the Seediq language.

Seediq (pronounced [seˈedæq]) is an Atayalic language spoken in the mountains of Northern Taiwan by the Seediq and Truku people.

Seediq consists of three main dialects (Tsukida 2005). Members of each dialect group refer to themselves by the name of their dialect, while the Amis people call them "Taroko."

  1. Truku (Truku) - 20,000 members including non-speakers. The Truku dialect, transcribed Tailuge in Chinese, gives its name to the Taroko Gorge.
  2. Toda (Tuuda) - 2,500 members including non-speakers.
  3. Tgdaya (Tkdaya, Paran) - 2,500 members including non-speakers.