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Kalmyk Oirat

Kalmyk Oirat (KalmykХальмг Өөрдин келнXaľmg Őrdin keln), commonly known as the Kalmyk language (KalmykХальмг келнXaľmg keln) is a register of the Oirat language, natively spoken by the Kalmyk people of Kalmykia, a federal subject of Russia. In Russia, it is the normative form of the Oirat language (based on the Torgut dialect), which belongs to the Mongolic language family. The Kalmyk people of the northwest Caspian Sea of Russia claim descent from the Oirats from Eurasia, who have also historically settled in Mongolia and northwest China.

According to UNESCO, the language is "Definitely endangered".According to the Russian census of 2010, there are 80,500 speakers of an ethnic population consisting of 183,000 people