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Taiwanese Chinese

Taiwanese Mandarin is the Standard Mandarin spoken in Taiwan. Its standard lect is known in Taiwan as Kuo-yü(Chinese國語pinyinGuóyǔ) and is based on the phonology of the Beijing dialect together with the grammar ofvernacular Chinese.

The official Guoyu is almost identical to the official language of the China, called Pǔtōnghuà, with the exception of their writing systems. However, Mandarin as spoken informally in Taiwan has some notable differences in vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation with Standard Mandarin, differences which have arisen mainly under influence from Taiwanese Hokkien (the native variety of about 70% of the population of Taiwan), othermother tongues of Taiwan like Hakka (spoken natively by about 15% of the Taiwanese) and Formosan languages, additionally English, and Japanese from the prior Japanese period.

Taiwanese Mandarin is written in Traditional Chinese script.