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Several Swedish Bible translations have been performed over the years. Until the reformation, a Latin Bible was used, but Gustav Vasa, who converted Sweden to Protestantism, ordered the first translation into the Swedish tongue.

Several translations has been made since then, including:

Official government-sanctioned translations, used by the Church of Sweden
  • Gustav Vasa Bible: the original ordered by Gustav Vasa, published in 1526 (New Testament) and 1541 (complete)
  • Gustav II Adolf Bible: a revision of the Gustav Vasa bible with verses, published 1618
  • Charles XII Bible: ordered by Charles XII of Sweden, published in 1703, a slight revision of Gustav Vasas
  • 1917 års bibelöversättning, much revised but still with a slightly antiquated language
  • Bibel 2000: the latest official translation, including the Old Testament Apocrypha
Other Swedish translations
  • Bibletranslations from 1536, limited edition of four books in the Old Testament and the Apocrypha
  • Normalupplagan
  • Helge Åkessons översättning, by the baptist Helge Åkeson, 1911
  • Nya Världens bibelöversättning: by Jehovah's Witnesses, latest revision 2003
  • David Hedegårds översättning (New Testament only)
  • Bo Giertz översättning (New Testament only)
  • Svenska folkbibeln
  • Levande Bibeln: completed in September 2000, by the International Bible Society
  • Reformationsbibeln (New Testament only)