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Hungarian (magyar nyelv ) is a Uralic language, part of the Ugric group. With some 14 million speakers, it is one of the most widely spoken non-Indo-European languages in Europe. It is the official language in the Central European country of Hungary and is also spoken by Hungarian communities in the seven neighboring countries and by diaspora communities worldwide. he Hungarian name for the language is magyar.

The first significant Bible translations into Hungarian are as follows:

  • Hussite Bible (probably 1436-1439, only fragments remained)
  • New Testament (1541, Janos Sylvester): the first full New Testament in Hungarian
  • Gaspar Kroli's translation (also known as Vizsolyi Biblia and its translator as Krolyi, 1590, Protestant): the first complete version in Hungarian, which gained wide popularity and is occasionally used even today as the "classic" translation (similarly to the KJV in English
  • Gyrgy Kldi's translation (1626, the first full Catholic version) 
  • Magyar Bibliatrsulat j fordts Biblija: Protestant translation by the Hungarian Bible Society
  • Szent Istvan Tarsulati Biblia: Saint Stephen Society Bible; Catholic translation
  • Szent Jeromos Bibliatrsulat: Saint Jerome Bible Society; Catholic. Based on Kldi's translation and the Nova Vulgata