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Small Flowery Miao 小花苗 (Gha-Mu / Blue Hmong)

Gha-Mu (Small Flowery Miao, Blue Hmong) are an ethnic group in China. They are from Guizhou and belong to the Hmong people. Many of them are Christians. Their number likely exceeds 100,000. Their language is the Hmong language Small Flowery Miao.

Small Flowery Miao (Chinese: 小花苗 xiǎo huā miáo) is a Miao language of China that is closely related to Hmong: Hmong and Small Flowery Miao are listed as the first and second local dialects of the Chuanqiandian Cluster of West Hmongic languages. It is spoken in Nayong, Shuicheng, Zhenning, Guanling, and Hezhang counties of western Guizhou, China.