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Lun Bawang

The language spoken by the Lun Bawangs (or Lundayeh) belongs to the Malayo-Polynesian family. The first published material written fully in the Lun Bawang language is a translation of the Bible in 1982, which is called Bala Luk Do. A Lun Bawang–English dictionary was constructed in 1969 by the University of Washington. A dialect of the Lun Bawang language, Kemaloh Lundayeh, was recently (2006) compiled into a bilingual dictionary of Lundayeh language and English.

The Lun Bawang language is mainly an oral language. There is very little printed written material in this language that was not written by missionaries or linguists. The oral culture of the Lun Bawang people is changing though, with the accessibility of the Internet and Facebook. "Putoh" is an alternate name in East Kalimantan.

Native to Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia, in the region of Sarawak, Sabah, Temburong and North Kalimantan.