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Azerbaijani (Azeri)

Bibles and New Testament in Azeri Language from BibleinmyLanguage.comAzerbaijani or Azeri or Torki (Azərbaycanca, Azərbaycan türkcəsi, Azərbaycan dili) is a language belonging to the Turkic language family, spoken in southwestern Asia by the Azerbaijani people, primarily in Azerbaijan and northwestern Iran.

The first Azerbaijani translation by Mirza Farrukh andFeliks Zaręba was the Gospel of Matthew, published in 1842 in London byBasel MissionarySociety. The complete New Testament was fully translated and published in 1878in London and the Old Testament in 1891.

In 1982, the Institute for Bible Translation inStockholm, Sweden released a new modern Azerbaijani language translation of theNew Testament made by Mirza Khazar, which is currently used in Azerbaijan.