ESV-CUNP Bilingual Chinese-English Holy Bible / 中英對照聖經:新標點和合本–英文標準版 / Glided Black Leather with Golden Edges, 1 Gold Marker

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ESV-CUNP Bilingual Chinese-English Holy Bible / 中英對照聖經:新標點和合本–英文標準版 / Glided Black Leather with Golden Edges, 1 Gold Marker



  • English Standard Version (ESV)
  • Chinese Union New Punctuation (CUNP) 新標點和合本
  • Binding : Leather Bound
  • Edition : 2015
  • Publish. : The Bible Society in Taiwan 台灣聖經公會
  • Lang. : Chinese Traditional
  • Pages : 2194
  • PID : 9789866674600



The ESV-CUNP Bilingual Chinese-English Holy Bible is now available in a magnificent Glided Black Leather edition, featuring Golden Edges and 1 Gold Marker. This edition offers an exceptional blend of striking aesthetics and powerful biblical content, making it a valuable resource for Christians around the world.

The bilingual edition maintains its primary features of the English Standard Version (ESV) and the Chinese Union New Punctuation (CUNP) 新標點和合本, but with the added elegance of a leather-bound cover and luxurious golden edges. The ESV translation is renowned for its precision and readability while the CUNP translation, an authoritative Chinese version of the Bible, underwent recent revisions to reflect modern Chinese language usage.

This edition is bound in high-quality leather, offering a durable and long-lasting cover that can withstand regular usage. The black color of the leather brings a sleek and traditional touch that enhances the overall beauty of the edition. The golden edges and gold marker elevate its unique appeal, making it a perfect gift for any Christian seeking to deepen their faith while enjoying a luxurious reading experience.

Published in 2015 by The Bible Society in Taiwan 台灣聖經公會, this bilingual edition spans 2194 pages, including both Traditional Chinese and English texts presented side-by-side. The layout encourages a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Word of God, making it a must-have resource for devotees looking for a comprehensive translation of the Bible.

Overall, the ESV-CUNP Bilingual Chinese-English Holy Bible in Glided Black Leather with Golden Edges is a remarkable combination of design and substance that will appeal both to the faithful and to readers who value stunning aesthetics in addition to spiritual enrichment.



ESV-CUNP 中英双语圣经》现推出华丽的黑色滑面皮革版,采用金边和 1 个金色标记。该版本将醒目的美学效果与强大的圣经内容完美融合,是全世界基督徒的宝贵资源。

该双语版保留了英文标准版(ESV)和中文联合新标点和合本(CUNP)的主要特点,但又增加了皮革装订封面和豪华金边的优雅。ESV 译本以其精确性和可读性而闻名,而 CUNP 译本是《圣经》的权威中文版,最近进行了修订,以反映现代汉语的使用。


这本双语版圣经由台湾圣经公会于 2015 年出版,共 2194 页,包括繁体中文和英文文本并排呈现。其版面设计有助于读者更深入地理解和领会上帝的话语,是寻求全面圣经翻译的信徒的必备资源。

总体而言,《ESV-CUNP 中英双语金边黑色滑面皮革圣经》是设计与内涵的完美结合,将吸引信徒和那些在丰富精神生活的同时也注重美感的读者。


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