Global NT - Six Language New Testament / English - German - French - Spanish - Russian - Arabic

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Global NT - Six Language New Testament / English - German - French - Spanish - Russian - Arabic

Enhancing Understanding of the New Testament through Comparative Linguistics with the Global NT / Parallel Texts / Hardcover Navy Blue 2020 / RBS

  • Hardcover 2020
  • ISBN: 9789197982115  /  978-9197982115
  • ISBN-10: 9197982113
  • PAGES: 1454
  • PUBLISHER: RBS Relationship Building Service
  • Language: English - German - French - Spanish - Russian - Arabic 

English NIV 

German Hoffnung fur alle 

French Bible du Semeur 2000

Spanish NVI

Russian NRT Slovo Zhizny 

Arabic New Arabic Version

The new Global New Testament though takes it to a much more basic level, making a single new testament bible including translations in six different languages:
  1. English (New International Version)
  2. German (Hoffnung für Alle)
  3. French (Bible Du Semeur)
  4. Spanish (La Santa Biblia, Nueva Versión International)
  5. Russian (Slovo Zhizny)
  6. Arabic (Ketab El Hayat)


The Global NT - Six Language New Testament is an essential resource for those seeking to expand their understanding of Christianity and the teachings of Jesus Christ. The inclusion of six different translations of the New Testament is a unique feature that sets this book apart from other Christian texts. The translations included in this book are English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic.

Each translation conveys the same message, but the nuances of translation and language give each version a unique perspective on the text. Readers can compare and contrast the translations, gaining valuable insights into the meaning of the text. This feature is helpful for anyone interested in linguistics, translation, or biblical interpretation.

The inclusion of six languages also makes this book accessible and useful for a wide range of readers. Different cultures, religions, and backgrounds can benefit from learning about Christianity through the text. It offers new perspectives on faith and provides an opportunity for different traditions to come together around a common message.

The hardcover navy blue exterior of the book provides protection for the contents within, ensuring that it will withstand the test of time. The 1454 pages of this book are filled with historical context, translations, and supporting material to help readers understand the text fully.

Published by RBS Relationship Building Service, the book reflects the highest standards of quality and accuracy in translation. The translations are based on the most reliable and up-to-date biblical scholarship, providing readers with a trustworthy resource for learning about Christianity.

The Global NT - Six Language New Testament is a perfect addition to any Christian's bookshelf, regardless of their level of knowledge. The parallel texts in six languages provide a unique perspective on the text, making it easier for people unfamiliar with the English language to read and understand the New Testament. Additionally, this book serves as a tool for academic Biblical studies, providing a range of translations and linguistic insights.

In conclusion, the Global NT - Six Language New Testament is a valuable resource for anyone interested in Christianity, comparative linguistics, and Biblical interpretation. The inclusion of six translations makes the book accessible and useful for a wide range of readers, and the hardcover navy blue exterior ensures it will be a long-lasting and valuable addition to any book collection. The book provides new insights into the New Testament's text and is an excellent resource for theologians, scholars and anyone interested in learning about the message of Jesus Christ. 

A New Testament like this could be useful for many different audiences, but they are thinking that a few different types of people would be especially interested in it: International Churches Individuals interested in bible translation Christian professionals for their waiting rooms Hotels and Conference Centers Immigration and Refugee Centers International Bible Schools Missions Agencies like Youth With A Mission.

Global NT - Six Language New Testament

The Global NT - Six Language New Testament is a unique publication that provides the New Testament in six different languages. It is designed to help individuals who are multilingual or learning multiple languages to study and compare the teachings of the Bible.

The six languages included in the Global NT are English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Chinese. Each language is presented side by side, making it easy to compare the translations and understand the nuances of the text.

This resource is particularly useful for language learners, missionaries, and individuals who want to deepen their understanding of the Bible in multiple languages. It allows readers to compare different translations and gain insights into the original meaning of the text.





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