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Lahu Bible 2010 / G'UI SHA VE LI‸ HPU / LAHU 52PL Li‸ Hpu / spoken by the Lahu people of China, Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos

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Lahu Bible 2010 



Li Hpu 

Only 7,100 Copies Printed in 2010


JOHN 3:13  Yoˇhanˬ li‸

16  Awˬ lawn kʼo, Gʼuiˬsha miˬguiˬ yaˇ hta‸ ha‸ jaˇ ve pa taw, yawˇ ve Yaˇ hpu tiˍ piˇ laˇ ve yoˬ. Hkʼe te leh, Yaˇ hpu hta‸ hkʼa yonˍ ve chaw hkʼa peu-eˬ maˇ gʼa luˬ maˇ gʼa sheˆ ve awˬ hkʼoˆ ka‸, co ti‸ ha ti‸ hta‸ gʼa ve yoˬ.



Lahu is a Tibeto-Burman language spoken by the Lahu people of China, Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos. It is widely used in China, both by Lahu people, and by other ethnic minorities in Yunnan, who use it as a lingua franca.

Product Details

  • Vinyl Bound: 2390 pages
  • Publisher: Bible Society (2010)
  • Language: Lahu
  • Second Edition
  • ISBN 9786167218144 / 978-6167218144




The Lahu people (Chinese: 拉祜族; Lahu: Ladhulsi / Kawzhawd; Vietnamese: La Hủ) are an ethnic group of China and Mainland Southeast Asia.


Regions with significant populations
Significant Lahu diaspora populations in:
 China (PRC) 720,000[1]
 Myanmar 150,000[2]
 Thailand 100,000[2]
 Laos 15,000[1]
 United States 10,000[1]
 Vietnam 9,651 (2009)[3]

The Lahu are one of the 56 ethnic groups officially recognized by the People's Republic of China, where about 720,000 live in Yunnan province, mostly in Lancang Lahu Autonomous County. In Thailand, the Lahu are one of the six main groups categorized as hill tribes.[5] The Tai often refer to them by the exonym Muso (Thai: มูเซอ), meaning 'hunter'. They are one of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam, and mostly live in Lai Châu Province.

A few Lahu, along with the Hmong, Lao, and Mien were recruited by the United States Central Intelligence Agency to help fight against the communist Pathet Lao, known as the secret war, during the Laotian Civil War. In fear of retribution when the Pathet Lao took over the Laotian government in 1975, those who had helped the United States fled to neighboring Thailand seeking political asylum.

A couple thousand Lahu have resettled in the United States as refugees, in the states of California, Minnesota, North Carolina, Texas, and Utah. Most Lahu Americans live in Visalia, California, thus making Visalia home to the largest concentration of Lahu people outside of Asia.




GENESIS 1:1-5  Awˬ hkuiˉ puiˍ ve li‸

1 Awˬ hkuiˉ puiˍ htaˇ, Gʼuiˬsha miˬguiˬ leh mvuhˇ naw ma hta‸ te hpanˍ ve yoˬ. Miˬguiˬ chi lehˬ, te‸ chiˉ awˬ ho‸ awˬ han maˇ cawˬ leh gawˬ cu gawˬ pehˆ hpeh‸ ve yoˬ. 2Hkʼa peu-eˬ naˆ ho‸ lehˍ hpeh‸ leh, Gʼuiˬsha ve kanˇ paˆ lehˬ iˉ kaˆ teˇ hpaˍ awˬ hkʼoˆ cawˬ taˍ ve yoˬ. 3Oˇ htaˇ Gʼuiˬsha lehˬ, Awˬ gʼeuˆ tawˆ la piˇ-oˆ, teh‸ kʼoˆ hkʼa leh awˬ gʼeuˆ tawˆ la ve yoˬ. 4Gʼuiˬsha lehˬ, awˬ gʼeuˆ teˇ ceuˬ da‸ ve hta‸ gʼa mawˬ leh, awˬ gʼeuˆ leh naˆ ho‸ ve hta‸ pehˬ da‸ piˇ ve yoˬ. 5Awˬ gʼeuˆ hta‸ Yawˇ Mvuhˇ law‸ kʼaw, teh‸ meh piˇ leh, naˆ ho‸ ve hta‸ Mvuhˇ hpeu‸, teh‸ meh piˇ ve yoˬ. Mvuhˇ hpeu‸ la leh mvuhˇ teˇ pawˆ kʼaw‸ ba la ve yoˬ. Chi lehˬ, awˉ lawˉ peuˇ ve teˇ nyi hpeh‸ ve yoˬ.

Native to Yunnan, China; Thailand; Laos; Myanmar
Ethnicity Lahu
Native speakers
600,000 (2007–2012)[1]
Latin script
Official status
Official language in
Lancang Lahu Autonomous County, Yunnan
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Variously:
lhu – Lahu
lhi – Lahu Shi
lkc – Kucong
Glottolog laho1234[2]



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