Genesis and the New Testament in Kagayanen Language – Pulong Ta Dyos – Genesis Daw Bag-o Na Kasugtanan / Color Maps and Illustrations / Native to the Philippines

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Genesis and the New Testament in Kagayanen Language 

Pulong Ta Dyos – Genesis Daw Bag-o Na Kasugtanan 

Color Maps and Illustrations 

Native to the Philippines


Kagayanen is an Malayo-Polynesian language spoken in Palawan province in the Philippines by about 30,000 people.


Publisher: Translation Association of the Philippines

Kagayanen Translation Committee

Bible League International

Philippine Bible Society


Color Maps and Illustrations


At the end: Mga Ambal Na Pasaysay

Mga Mapa




Printed in 2007 by Philippine Bible Society

3,000 Copies Printed

ISBN 9789718260722

886 Pages




You have in your hands the complete translation of the Kagayanen New Testament and part of the Old Testament. This is the fruit of almost three decades of faithful and tireless effort on the part of our brethren from the Summer Institute of Linguistics and the many Kagayanen who have worked with them in translating the Bible into one of the major dialects of Palawan. We are thrilled to imagine that all Kagayanen speaking Palawenos are now given the priviledge of hearing the voice of God in their own mother tongue through the translation.

Pastor Job L. Valdez


Native to Philippines
Region eastern Palawan
Native speakers
30,000 (2007)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 cgc
Glottolog kaga1256[2]

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