Erez Yechiel - Hatikun Haklali CD & DVD 2008 התיקון הכללי /

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Erez Yechiel - Hatikun Haklali CD & DVD 2008 התיקון הכללי

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English Description:

Hatikun Haklali by Erez Yechiel is an inspirational prayerful chant. The Tikkun HaKlali is comprised of the following ten Psalms said in this order: 16, 32, 41, 42, 59, 77, 90, 105, 137, and 150. Each recital is preceded by a paragraph expressing one's desire to bind himself to the tzadikim of all generations, especially Rebbe Nachman, and several verses which are customarily recited before any saying of Psalms. The recital of the ten Psalms is followed by a prayer composed by Reb Noson, the Rebbe's foremost disciple, asking God for forgiveness from sin.


Tikkun HaKlali (Hebrew: תיקון הכללי‎, lit., "The General (or Comprehensive) Rectification"), also known as The General Remedy, is a set of ten Psalms whose recital serves as teshuvah (repentance) for all sins — in particular the sin of wasted seed through involuntary nocturnal emission or masturbation. The Tikkun HaKlali is a unique innovation of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, and its recital is a regular practice of Breslover Hasidim to this day.



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