Chasing the Dragon CHINESE VERSION by Jackie Pullinger with Andrew Quicke / Zhui long 追龍

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Chasing the Dragon CHINESE VERSION


by Jackie Pullinger with Andrew Quicke


Inside Hong Kong was the infamous Walled City. Strangers were not welcome there. Police hesitated to enter. It was a haven of filth, crime, and sin. Prostitution, pornography, and drug addiction flourished. Jackie Pullinger had grown up believing that if she put her trust in God, He would lead her. When she was twenty years old, God called her to the Walled City. She obeyed. And as she spoke of Jesus Christ, brutal hoods were converted, prostitutes retired from their trade, and heroin junkies found new power that freed them from the bondage of drug addiction. Hundreds discovered new life in Christ. Chasing the Dragon tells the whole amazing story exactly as it happened. Equally amazing has been the reach of this ministry, now detailed in this updated and revised edition. From Hong Kong to the Philippines, Thailand, and beyond, the ministry that started with Jackie and her friends taking people in to live and care for them has continued and developed to form the present St. Stephen's Society. Readers will be inspired by this tale of trust and loving like Jesus.


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  • MP3 CD: 302 pages
  • Publisher: Jackie Pullinger (2001)
  • Language: Chinese
  • ISBN-10: 9628219014
    ISBN-13: 978-9628219018 / 9789628219018


Jackie Pullinger, MBE (born 1944) is a British Protestant Christian charismatic missionary to Hong Kong and founder of the St Stephen's Society. She has been ministering in Hong Kong since 1966. Her work has resulted in thousands of drug addicts being saved from their drug addictions. The early years of her Hong Kong ministry are chronicled in the book Chasing the Dragon.

Pullinger graduated from the Royal College of Music in London having specialized in the oboe. At the age of 22 she wanted to be a missionary, so she wrote to various missionary organizations. Unable to find support from missionary organizations, she then sought advice from Richard Thompson, a minister in Shoreditch, who told her that she should buy a ticket for a boat going as far as she could get and to pray to know when to get off the boat. At first she wanted to go to Africa, but then she had a dream that impressed upon her the idea of going to Hong Kong. She followed the vicar's advice and went to Hong Kong by boat in 1966. However, when she arrived she knew no one there and had only $10 on hand. The only reason the immigration officers allowed her in was because her mother's godson was a police officer there. She found work as a primary school teacher in the Kowloon Walled City, which in the 1960s was not policed and consequently had become one of the world's largest opium producing centres, run by Chinese criminal Triad gangs. Later she established a youth center that helped the drug addicts and street sleepers inside the walled city.

St Stephen's Society

In 1981, she started a charity called the St Stephen's Society which provides rehabilitation homes for recovering drug addicts, prostitutes, and gang members. By December 2007 it had grown and was providing homes for 200 people. The charity's work has been recognized by the Hong Kong government who donated the land for the rehabilitation homes. The intervention process that the drug addicts go through is very intensive. Instead of giving them medications they are put into a room for 10 days, and prayed over and cared for by a group of ex-addicts.



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