The Parallel New Testament in Chinese and English with 4 Versions: Chinese New Version

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The Parallel New Testament in Chinese and English 

Product Details

  • Chinese Versions: Chinese New Version (CNV), Chinese Union Version (CUV)
  • English Versions: Net Bible, New American Standard Bible (NASB)
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Pages: 1930
  • ISBN-10: 9888018922
  • ISBN-13: 978-9888018925
  • Publisher: Bible Society
  • Publication Year: 2011
  • Language: Bilingual (Chinese - Traditional Character, English)


The Parallel New Testament in Chinese and English is a large A4 size book printed on Bible paper, featuring four versions of the New Testament: the Chinese New Version (CNV), Chinese Union Version (CUV), Net Bible, and New American Standard Bible (NASB). This parallel edition allows for comparative study and a deeper understanding of Scripture by presenting the texts side by side in two languages. It is an excellent resource for bilingual readers, those learning either language, and for cross-cultural studies.


The inclusion of both the CNV and CUV offers a range of linguistic and theological nuances within the Chinese Christian context, while the Net Bible and NASB provide readers with a scholarly and literal approach to the English translation of the New Testament. This parallel format is particularly beneficial for readers who wish to explore the differences and similarities between translations and for those engaged in translation work or theological education.

The Bible Society's commitment to providing accessible Scripture to diverse audiences is evident in this publication, which serves as a bridge between Chinese-speaking and English-speaking Christian communities. The hardcover binding ensures durability for frequent use, making it a valuable addition to any personal or church library.


《中英文并行新约》是一本A4大小的圣经纸印刷书,收录了四个版本的新约:中文新译本(CNV)、中文和合本(CUV)、网络圣经和新美国标准圣经 (美国国家标准局)。 这个并行版本通过并排呈现两种语言的文本,可以进行比较研究和更深入地理解圣经。 对于双语读者、学习任一语言的读者以及跨文化研究来说,它是一个极好的资源。


CNV 和 CUV 的纳入在中国基督教背景下提供了一系列语言和神学上的细微差别,而网络圣经和 NASB 则为读者提供了一种学术和字面的方法来翻译新约圣经。 这种平行的形式对于那些希望探索译本之间异同的读者以及从事翻译工作或神学教育的读者尤其有利。

圣经公会致力于向不同的受众提供易于理解的圣经,这在这本出版物中得到了体现,它成为中文和英文基督教社区之间的桥梁。 精装装订确保了频繁使用的耐用性,使其成为任何个人或教堂图书馆的宝贵补充。

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