Vision's MP3 DVD Bible / Reading the Bible in Mandarin Chinese

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Vision's MP3 DVD Bible / Reading the Bible in Mandarin Chinese / Chinese Union Version / Can be played in DVD players, on MP3 Players / Mobile PDA / and PC's

Product Details

  • Format: DVD-ROM
  • Publisher: Bible Society
  • Publication Date: 2008
  • Language: Chinese


Vision's MP3 DVD Bible provides an enriching experience of the Bible in Mandarin Chinese, the most spoken language in the world. This DVD-ROM, featuring the Chinese Union Version, is versatile and user-friendly, compatible with DVD players, MP3 players, mobile PDAs, and PCs. It offers a convenient way for Mandarin speakers to engage with the Bible's teachings, whether at home or on the move.


The Chinese Union Version is a significant translation that has been widely accepted and used among Chinese Christians since its completion in 1919. This MP3 DVD Bible makes the revered text accessible in a digital format, catering to the needs of contemporary users who prefer auditory learning or wish to listen to the Scriptures while performing other tasks.


美景的 MP3 DVD 圣经提供了丰富的中文普通话圣经体验,中文普通话是世界上使用人数最多的语言。该 DVD-ROM 光盘采用中文合订本,功能多样,使用方便,可与 DVD 播放器、MP3 播放器、移动 PDA 和个人电脑兼容。它为讲普通话的人提供了一种便捷的方式,让他们无论在家还是在路上,都能领会圣经的教导。


中文合订本是一个重要的译本,自 1919 年完成以来一直被中国基督徒广泛接受和使用。本 MP3 DVD 圣经以数字格式提供了这一备受推崇的文本,满足了喜欢听觉学习或希望在执行其他任务时聆听经文的当代用户的需求。

Key Credits

  • Publisher: Bible Society


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