Audio Bible Reading in Mandarin - Old and New Testament (Union Version) MP3 DVD-ROM

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Audio Bible Reading in Mandarin - Old and New Testament (Union Version)


Product Details

  • Format: MP3 DVD-ROM
  • Publisher: Bible Society
  • Release Year: 2012
  • Language: Mandarin Chinese
  • ISBN: 6918087250017


The Chinese Audio New Testament in MP3 format on 2 Discs is a comprehensive audio version of the New Testament, presented in Mandarin Chinese. This set divides the New Testament into two parts: Disc 1 contains the Gospels of Matthew through Acts, while Disc 2 covers Romans to Revelation. With a total runtime that offers an immersive listening experience, this MP3 DVD-ROM set is an invaluable resource for Chinese-speaking Christians or anyone interested in exploring the New Testament in Mandarin.

Designed for easy navigation, listeners can jump from book to book, chapter to chapter, verse by verse, or opt for continuous play for uninterrupted listening. This flexibility makes it suitable for personal devotion, group study, or as a way to engage with the Bible's teachings while on the go.


The use of Mandarin, the most widely spoken Chinese dialect, ensures that the teachings of the New Testament are accessible to a broad audience. This audio Bible is supported by the Bible Society, highlighting their commitment to making the scriptures available in various languages and formats to meet the diverse needs of believers around the world.


MP3 格式中文音频新约 2 张光盘是新约的综合音频版本,以普通话呈现。 该套装将新约圣经分为两部分:第 1 部分包含马太福音到使徒行传,第 2 部分包含罗马书到启示录。 这套 MP3 DVD-ROM 的总运行时间可提供身临其境的聆听体验,对于讲中文的基督徒或任何有兴趣探索普通话新约的人来说是宝贵的资源。

专为轻松导航而设计,听众可以从一本书跳到另一本书、从一章跳到另一章、从一首诗跳到另一节诗,或者选择连续播放以实现不间断的聆听。 这种灵活性使其适合个人奉献、小组学习或作为在旅途中参与圣经教义的一种方式。


使用最广泛使用的中国方言——普通话,确保了广大受众能够理解新约的教义。 这本音频圣经得到了圣经公会的支持,强调了他们致力于以各种语言和格式提供经文,以满足世界各地信徒的不同需求。

Key Credits

  • Publisher: Bible Society

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