Twere Kronkron / The Holy Bible - Asante Twi *New Revised - English ESV Holy Bible

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Twere Kronkron / The Holy Bible - Asante Twi *New Revised - English ESV Holy Bible

Black vinyl bound with red page edges / Bilingual Asante Twi - English Bible / Bible Society of Ghana 2020 / TWI-ESV diglot

Product Features

  • Format: Vinyl bound
  • Publication Year: 2020
  • ISBN-10: 9964002505
  • ISBN-13: 9789964002503
  • Pages: 1422
  • Publisher: Bible Society of Ghana
  • Language: Asante Twi - English parallel


The "Twere Kronkron / The Holy Bible" is a bilingual edition combining Asante Twi and English (ESV) in a single volume. This black vinyl-bound Bible with red page edges was published in 2020 by the Bible Society of Ghana. It offers a valuable resource for both Asante Twi speakers and English readers, facilitating deeper understanding and study of the Scriptures. Asante Twi, a dialect of the Akan language, is spoken by millions in Ghana, making this bilingual Bible an essential tool for worship and education.

Overview in Asante Twi: "Twere Kronkron / The Holy Bible" yɛ abodin a ɛde Asante Twi ne English (ESV) kɔ hyɛ baako mu. Bible yi yɛ vinyl a wɔde nsɛm ntɛmu wɔ nsɛm kɔkɔɔ ho, na wɔɛyɛ 2020, Bible Society of Ghana yɛ yɛɛ kɔ hyɛ yɛ. Bible yi bɛboa wɔn a wɔkasa Asante Twi ne wɔn a wɔkenkan English no sɛ wɔbɛka Twi ne English ɛho nsɛm wɔ Bible no mu.

Interesting Facts

  • Cultural Significance: Asante Twi is one of the major dialects within the Akan language, spoken by millions in southern and central Ghana.
  • Tonal Language: Twi is a tonal language where the pitch used in pronunciation can alter the meaning of words, making accurate translation crucial.
  • Bilingual Advantage: This bilingual edition allows for parallel reading, helping users to understand the Scriptures in both Asante Twi and English.
  • Historical Context: Akuapem Twi, the first Akan dialect used for Bible translation, set the standard for subsequent translations, including this Asante Twi version.
  • Publisher’s Mission: The Bible Society of Ghana aims to make the Holy Scriptures available in diverse languages, ensuring accessibility for all Ghanaians and preserving their linguistic heritage.


  • Publisher: Bible Society of Ghana
  • Mission: To provide the Holy Scriptures in accessible formats for all Ghanaians, ensuring the preservation of linguistic heritage and fostering spiritual growth.


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