The Bible in Tày a language of Vietnam / Cẩm Pọ Fa - Kinh Thánh Tiếng Tày

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Cẩm Pọ Fa - Kinh Thánh Tiếng Tày

Publisher: United Bible Societies and Bible Society Vietnam 


The Bible in Tày 

The Tày people – Vietnam’s second largest ethnic group, behind the Kinh people – received the first Bible in their heart language

Language: Tày
ISBN: 9786046188056 / 978-6046188056
Publication Year: 2022 

Number of pages:  1480


Product Features

  • Title: Cẩm Pọ Fa - Kinh Thánh Tiếng Tày
  • Publisher: United Bible Societies and Bible Society Vietnam
  • Language: Tày
  • ISBN: 978-6046188056
  • Publication Year: 2022
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Printing: In tại Việt Nam (Printed in Vietnam)



"Cẩm Pọ Fa" is the Bible in Tày language, published by the United Bible Societies and Bible Society Vietnam. This edition, published in 2022, provides a valuable resource for the Tày-speaking Christian community, allowing them to read and study the Scriptures in their native language. The translation aims to be both accurate and accessible, helping readers to deepen their understanding of the biblical texts.

Interesting Facts

  • Bilingual Publication: This Bible edition is a significant step in making the Scriptures accessible to the Tày-speaking community.
  • Copyright Note: The translation and illustrations are based on the Contemporary English Version - Learning Bible, with permissions from the American Bible Society.

Key Credits

  • Publisher: United Bible Societies, Bible Society Vietnam
  • Language: Tày
  • Publication Date: 2022
  • ISBN: 978-604-61-8805-6


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Tày Christians expressed an urgency to have a Bible written in their language, for their people. Only approximately 1% of the 1.6 million Tày people are Christians, and those Tày Christians will now be equipped to take the Word of God to their friends, family, and neighbours.

Like many other Vietnamese ethnic groups, the Tày traditionally practice a form of polytheism and believe that supernatural powers have an impact on their life. As a result, they are more open to Buddhist beliefs than to the Christian faith.

In addition to ensuring that the Tày people hear the Good News, this translation is expected to help them keep their language, culture, and identity. Younger Tày speakers often need help finding ways to practice and maintain their mother tongue.

Translators are very pleased with the clear, simple, natural translation they were able to produce – a text that Tày people can read and understand, regardless of age. This was a challenge as pure Tày language is often used by the elderly, with no common orthography (spoken slightly differently among different groups) and limited vocabulary. With much perseverance, the translation team were able to collaborate to find the right words for this translation.

Prof. Dr. Hoang Van Ma, renowned Tày linguist and reviewer of the first Tày Bible, speaks fondly of his time with this project: “It is my great privilege to be able to see the Tày Bible in written form. This translation is deeply valued and appreciated by the Tày community and it will become a heritage for them. I am thankful that I was given this opportunity to partner with the UBS to review this translation and has helped me learn more about the Good News.”

While predominantly located in Vietnam’s northern highlands near the Chinese border, the Tày people can now be found throughout all 63 provinces and cities of Vietnam.


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