Tagalog Topical Study Bible / Tagalog Popular Version / Bagong Tipan ng Magandang Balita Biblia

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Tagalog Topical Study Bible / Tagalog Popular Version / Bagong Tipan ng Magandang Balita Biblia / Section heading, Book Intro, Notes, Helps, Refrences, Concordance, Maps / Philippine TVP 053


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  • Hardcover: 1600 pages
  • Publisher: Bible Society (2011)
  • Language: Tagalog



The Tagalog Topical Study Bible is an excellent resource for those looking to deepen their understanding of the Scriptures in Tagalog. This Bible edition features the Tagalog Popular Version, which is a contemporary and easy-to-understand translation of the Bible. Its pages contain various Bible helps designed to assist readers in exploring the Scriptures more deeply. This hardcover edition spans 1600 pages and was published by the Bible Society in 2011.

The Tagalog Topical Study Bible contains numerous essential features that make studying the Bible an enriching and edifying experience. Each section of the Bible is introduced with a section heading and an overview of that particular book's authorship, background, and significance. The notes and helps located throughout the Bible help readers understand critical themes, context, and worldviews that influence the text. Additionally, there are references to support cross-referencing, as well as a concordance for quick reference to specific words or verses.

The topical index serves as a valuable feature that allows readers to explore a broad range of Biblical topics such as grace, salvation, prayer, love, and hope, to name a few. This feature allows readers to study Scripture thematically and discover how different sections of the Bible relate to one another.

Lastly, the Tagalog Topical Study Bible features a collection of full-color, in-text maps that help readers visualize the places and paths of the Bible. Each map is accompanied by a related Bible passage or reference for easy reference and in-depth study.

In conclusion, the Tagalog Topical Study Bible is an incredibly useful resource for any Christian seeking to understand the Bible's message more fully in Tagalog. This edition's useful features and quality translation make it an easy-to-read yet comprehensive resource that will encourage faith and devotion in readers of all backgrounds.


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