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Southern Nambikuára Language New Testament / Txa²wã¹sũ³̱na² Wãn³txa² (NABWBT) / Brazil

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Southern Nambikuára Language New Testament

Txa²wã¹sũ³̱na² Wãn³txa² (NABWBT)



  • Paperback: 820 pages
  • Publisher: Digital Bible Society (June 29, 2017) / Wycliffe Bible Translators
  • Language: Southern Nambikuára
  • ISBN-10: 1531304648
  • ISBN-13: 978-1531304645
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 1.8 x 9 inches
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John 3:16 Joãu

 Jã¹nxe³ju³kxai³lu² Txa²wã¹sũ̱³na² Hi²sen³kxai³lu² a³lxi²nẽ³na³la². A²nũ²a² yuh³xai²nãn¹tũ̱³ka̱³txi³ ki̱³nãu³xai²na² whãi²na¹, Txa²wã¹sũ̱³na² Hi²sen³kxai³lu² a³lxi²nẽ³na³la². A³lxi²nẽ³jau³su², A²ta²hai²na² hãi¹nxe² wet1sa²te²na² ĩ³sa²si¹hã³ũ¹nhẽ³na²hẽ³la². Nxe³ha²kxai³ a²nũ²a² a²ten³te²su² te² ĩ̱³nxãn²tu̱³, yxo²ĩ²in¹kxai²nãn²tu̱³, Txa²wã¹sũ̱³na² ĩ³xa̱n³txi³ju³ta² yxau²sa²tẽ³nxãn³tho³la². Nxe³te² ĩ³nxa²kxai³, Txa²wã¹sũ̱³na² ĩ³xa̱n³txi³ju³ta² yxau²sa²tẽ³nxãn³kxe³su², ka³te̱³na² wi¹tãu³a¹ hãi¹nxe² yxau²sa²tẽ³in¹tu¹wa².


The Nambikwara language (Southern Nambikwara or Kitãulhu, contrasting with Northern Nambikwara or Mamaindé; also spelled NambikuáraNhambikwara or Nambiquara) is an indigenous language of Brazil, spoken by about 1200 Nambikwara people in the Mato Grosso state. It forms a small Nambikwaran language family, which are often considered dialects of a single language despite not being mutually intelligible. They are a language isolateJoseph Greenberg had included in his Gê–Pano–Carib phylum, but this has not been followed by other linguists. Nambikwara is in vigorous use in the Nambikwara communities and in spite of having few speakers the language is not endangered. The name Nambikwara is of Tupi origin.


Southern Nambikwara
Native to Mato GrossoBrazil
Ethnicity Nambikwara
Native speakers
720 (2006)
  • Nambikwara
Language codes
ISO 639-3 nab
Glottolog sout2994

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