Russian Burgundy Orthodox Bible with Cross / Large Family Bible with references / Biblija from Russia

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Russian Burgundy Orthodox Bible with Cross / Large Family Bible with references, harmony of the Gospels, and maps / Biblija from Russia

Product Details:

  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 1376
  • Publisher: Bible Society
  • Publication Year: 1995
  • Language: Russian
  • Cover: Burgundy with gold imprints and Orthodox cross design


This Russian Orthodox Bible, presented in a rich burgundy hardcover with an embossed Orthodox cross, is a large family Bible that includes references, a harmony of the Gospels, and maps. Published in 1995 by the Bible Society, this edition contains 1376 pages and is written in Russian.

Key Features:

  • Orthodox Cross: The cover features a beautiful embossed Orthodox cross, which is central to the Russian Orthodox faith and tradition.
  • References and Harmony of the Gospels: This Bible is enhanced with references and a harmony of the Gospels for comprehensive study and understanding.
  • Maps: It includes maps to provide historical and geographical context to the biblical narratives.
  • Family Bible Size: The large size makes it an ideal family Bible for home use and can also serve as a prominent display in a religious setting.


This Bible is suitable for personal devotion, study, and as a centerpiece for family gatherings and discussions on faith. Its detailed references and maps make it a valuable resource for deeper biblical study and understanding.


Aimed at Russian-speaking Orthodox Christians, this Bible is also an excellent choice for religious scholars, theologians, and anyone interested in the Orthodox Christian tradition and scripture.

Cultural and Religious Significance:

The burgundy cover and Orthodox cross signify the Bible's importance within the Russian Orthodox Christian tradition. It serves as a symbol of faith and a tool for religious education in the home and church, reflecting the rich heritage of Orthodox Christianity.

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