Red leather cover Chinese Holy Bible - Vertical Script / Union Version "Shen" Edition

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Red leather cover Chinese Holy Bible - Vertical Script

Union Version "Shen" Edition / CU50AX / Red leather bound / Hong Kong Bible Society 1995

Product Features

  • Title: The Holy Bible in Chinese Traditional Vertical Script - Red Leather Bound
  • Cover: Red Leather Bound
  • Version: Union Version (Shen Edition)
  • Language: Chinese
  • Publisher: Hong Kong Bible Society
  • Publication Date: 1995
  • ISBN: 978-9622931503, 9622931502
  • Pages: 1254


The Holy Bible in Chinese Traditional Vertical Script, Union Version (Shen Edition), is a meticulously crafted edition by the Hong Kong Bible Society. Bound in luxurious red leather, this Bible not only holds the sacred scriptures but also serves as a cherished heirloom. Published in 1995, this edition is presented in the traditional Chinese vertical script, making it a valuable resource for those who honor and appreciate classical Chinese text formats.

Interesting Facts

  • Union Version: The "Shen Edition" of the Union Version is one of the most respected translations in Chinese Christian communities. It uses the term "Shen" (神) for God, reflecting a longstanding tradition in Chinese translations.
  • Traditional Vertical Script: This script format is historically significant and culturally relevant, providing an authentic reading experience for traditional Chinese readers.
  • Publisher: The Hong Kong Bible Society has a long-standing history of producing high-quality religious texts in various Chinese dialects and scripts, supporting the spiritual needs of Chinese-speaking Christians worldwide.
  • Leather Bound: The red leather cover signifies not only durability but also a symbol of reverence and respect for the holy scriptures.


Hong Kong Bible Society

The Hong Kong Bible Society is dedicated to producing and distributing the Holy Bible and other Christian literature in Chinese and various other languages. Their mission is to make the Word of God accessible to Chinese-speaking communities, maintaining high standards of translation and publication quality.


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Overview (Chinese)



Interesting Facts (Chinese)


  • 联合版: “神版”是中文基督教社区中最受尊敬的译本之一,使用“神”字来指代上帝,反映了中文翻译的悠久传统。
  • 传统竖排: 这种排版形式具有历史意义和文化相关性,为传统中文读者提供了真实的阅读体验。
  • 出版商: 香港圣经公会历史悠久,致力于各种中文方言和书写形式的高质量宗教文本的生产和分发,支持世界各地讲中文的基督徒的精神需求。
  • 皮革装订: 红皮革封面不仅象征着耐用性,也是对圣经的尊敬和敬仰的象征。

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