MIGHTY WARRIOR Praise & Worship Integrity Music 1987 / Anointed and Powerful Worship Experience With Worship Leader Randy Rothwell

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MIGHTY WARRIOR / Praise & Worship Integrity Music 1987  / Anointed and Powerful Worship Experience / With Worship Leader Randy Rothwell


Product Features

  • Title: MIGHTY WARRIOR (Praise & Worship)
  • Released by: Integrity Music in 1987
  • Worship Leader: Randy Rothwell
  • UPC: HM013CD


MIGHTY WARRIOR is a powerful and anointed live worship album that was recorded with worship leader Randy Rothwell at Covenant Church in Mobile, Alabama, USA, in August 1987. This album, brought to you by Integrity Music, delivers a profound and spiritually uplifting worship experience.

With Randy Rothwell leading the congregation, this worship event is a call to attention, as believers are summoned to join in the battle dressed for spiritual warfare. The songs are filled with declarations of God's greatness, His authority, and His power over the enemy.

Song List

  1. Victors in Christ - 3:36
  2. Great and Mighty Army - 1:45
  3. Arise Praise His Name - 1:56
  4. Arise in the Name of Jesus - 0:59
  5. Make a Joyful Noise - 2:22
  6. Thanks Be to God - 3:09
  7. The Lord is Building Jerusalem - 2:13
  8. The God of Israel is Mighty - 2:10
  9. Blow the Trumpet in Zion - 3:13
  10. Lift High the Lord Our Banner - 2:32
  11. Mighty Warrior - 2:06
  12. O Come Let Us Sing for Joy - 4:33
  13. Joy of My Desire - 3:48
  14. Alleluia - 3:14
  15. Glory to the Lamb - 4:41

The lyrics of the song "Mighty Warrior" featured in this album convey a powerful message of spiritual warfare, declaring Jesus as the mighty warrior dressed for battle, who has all authority to crush the enemy. This album is an invitation to worship and join in the battle under the command of the Holy Lord.


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