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Khasi Bible O.V. Reference / Ka Baibl Ka Testament Barim Bad Ka Testament Bathymmai / Indian Language

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Khasi Language Bible O.V. Reference in Latin Script

Ka Baibl Ka Testament Barim Bad Ka Testament Bathymmai 

A Major Language of India




Black Vinyl Bound

Red Edges



ISBN 8122102190

Printed in India

Publisher: The Bible Society of India


  • ISBN-10: 8122102190
  • ISBN-13: 978-8122102192
  • Dimensions: 8.4 x 6.5 x 1.2 inches
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Khasi is an Austroasiatic language spoken primarily in Meghalaya state in India by the Khasi people. It is also spoken by a sizeable population in Assam and Bangladesh. Khasi is part of the Austroasiatic language family, and is related to Cambodian,and Mon languages of Southeast Asia, and the Munda branch of that family, which is spoken in east–central India.

Although most of the 1.6 million Khasi speakers are found in Meghalaya, the language is also spoken by a number of people in the hill districts of Assam bordering with Meghalaya and by a sizeable population of people living in Bangladesh, close to the Indian border. Khasi has been an associate official language of some districts within Meghalaya since 2005, and as of May 2012, was no longer considered endangered by UNESCO. There are demands to include this language to the Eighth schedule to the constitution of India.

Khasi is rich in folklore and folktale, and behind most of the names of hills, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, birds, flowers, and animals there is a story.


Ka Ktien Khasi
কা কতিয়েন খাশি
Khasi written in the Bengali script
Pronunciation /ka kt̪eːn kʰasi/
Native to India, Bangladesh
Region Meghalaya, Assam
Ethnicity Khasi people
Native speakers
1,128,575 (2001)[1]
  • Khasi Sohra (Standard)
  • Shillong dialects
  • Khasi Bhoi
  • Khasi War
  • Maram
  • Nongstoiñ
Latin (Khasi Alphabet)
Bengali script[2]
Language codes
ISO 639-2 kha
ISO 639-3 kha
Glottolog khas1269






Ka jingpynlong ia ka pyrthei bad ia u briew 

IHa kaba mynnyngkong U Blei u la 
thaw ia ka bneng bad ia ka khyndew. 
^Bad ka pyrthei ka la long bakhlem dur 
bad kaba suda, bad ka jingdum ka la 
long halor ka khmat ka jingjylliew, bad 
U Mynsiem U Blei u da khih halor ki urn. 

3 Bad U Blei u la ong, To long ka 
jingshai, bad ka jingshai ka la long. 
"^Bad U Blei u la iohi ia kata ka jingshai, 
ba ka la long kaba bha; bad U Blei u la 
pyniakhlad ia kata ka jingshai na kata 
ka jingdum. ^Te U Blei u la khot Ka 
Sngi ia kata ka jingshai, bad ia kata ka 
jingdum u la khot Ka Miet. Bad kaba 
lajan miet ka la long bad ka step ruh ka 
la long, kawei ka sngi. 

6 Te U Blei u la ong. To long ka suiii 
bneng hapdeng kita ki um, bad to ai ba 
kan pynkhlad ia ki um na ki um. ^Bad U 
Blei u la pynlong ia ka suiii bneng, bad u 
la pynkhlad ia kita ki um kiba hapoh 
kata ka suin bneng na kita ki um kiba 
halor kata ka suiii bneng; te ka long 
kumta keiii. ^Bad ia kata ka suiii bneng, 
U Blei u la khot Ka Bneng. Bad kaba 
lajan miet ka la long, bad ka step ka la 
long, ka sngi kaba ar. 

9 U Blei u la ong ruh, To long ba 
kin ialang sha kawei ka jaka kita ki um 
kiba hapoh ka bneng, bad to ai kan 
paw ka ryngkew: te ka la long kumta 
keifi. ^•^Te ia kata ka ryngkew, U Blei 
u la khot Ka Khyndew, bad ia kata ka 
jingialang ki um u la khot Ki Duriaw; 
bad U Blei u la iohi ba ka la long kaba 
bha. ''U Blei u la ong ruh, To long ba 
ka khyndew kan pynmih speh, ba ki 
jhur kin pynsei symbai, bad ba ki dieng- 
sch kin seisoh ha la ka jaid ka jaid, 
1 : 1 lo. 1 : 1 . 1:32 Kor. 4:6. 1 : 6-« 2 Pet. 3 

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