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Il Grande Silenzio DVD 1968 A Halál csöndje (The Great Silence) / Directed by Sergio Corbucci / Starring: Jean Louis Trintignant, Klaus Kinski, Frank Wolff / Bonus film: Diamante Lobo

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Il Grande Silenzio DVD 1968 A Halál csöndje (The Great Silence) / Directed by Sergio Corbucci / Starring: Jean Louis Trintignant, Klaus Kinski, Frank Wolff / Bonus film: Diamante Lobo / Spagetti Western kollekció

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Audio: English 2.0, Hungarian 2.0

Subtitles: Hungarian

Total runtime: 108 minutes


English Summary:

The Great Silence (Italian: Il grande silenzio) is a 1968 revisionist Spaghetti Western film directed and co-written by Sergio Corbucci. An Italian-French co-production, the film stars Jean-Louis Trintignant, Klaus Kinski, Vonetta McGee (in her film début) and Frank Wolff, with Luigi Pistilli, Mario Brega, Marisa Merlini and Carlo D'Angelo in supporting roles.

Conceived by Corbucci as a politically-charged allegory inspired by the deaths of Che Guevara and Malcolm X, the film's plot takes place in Utah prior to the Great Blizzard of 1899. It pits a mute gunslinger (Trintignant), fighting in the defence of a group of outlaws and a vengeful young widow (McGee), against a group of ruthless bounty killers led by "Loco" (Kinski) and the corrupt banker Henry Pollicut (Pistilli). Unlike most films of the genre, which were filmed in the Almería province of Spain to double for areas such as Texas and Mexico, The Great Silence was primarily filmed on location in the Italian Dolomites.

God's Gun (also known as Diamante Lobo) is a 1976 Italian–Israeli Spaghetti Western filmed in Israel directed by Gianfranco Parolini (credited as Frank Kramer) and starring Lee Van Cleef, Jack Palance, Leif Garrett and Sybil Danning. Palance plays the head of a malicious group of bandits and Van Cleef plays a double-role of brothers: a priest and a reformed gunfighter determined to stop them.

Leif Garrett plays the main character in the film as Johnny, a fatherless kid who brings the reformed gunfighter to town.


Hungarian Summary:

Brutális fejvadászok Új-Mexikó havas hegyei közt kegyetlen vérengzést visznek végbe banditák között. Silenzio, az öldöklést túlélő revolverhős vállalja a reménytelen harcot a túlerővel szemben.

Isten fegyvere

Banditák tartják rettegésben a kisváros lakóit, John atyát, a helyi vezetőt pedig meggyilkolják. A bosszú azonban nem marad el: a valamikor nagy fegyverforgató hírében álló John atya testvére feltűnik a városban.

Cast / Szereplők:

  • Jean-Louis Trintignant as Gordon/"Silence" ("Silenzio" in the Italian version)
  • Klaus Kinski as "Loco" ("Tigrero" in Italian)
  • Vonetta McGee as Pauline Middleton
  • Frank Wolff as Sheriff Gideon Burnett (Corbett in Italian)
  • Luigi Pistilli as Henry Pollicut
  • Mario Brega as Martin, Pollicut's Assistant
  • Carlo D'Angelo as the Governor of Utah
  • Marisa Merlini as Regina, the Saloon Madam (Régine in Italian)
  • Raf Baldassarre as Sanchez's Brother (Bobo Schultz in Italian)
  • Spartaco Conversi as Walter, Outlaw Leader
  • Remo De Angelis as Fake Sheriff in Flashback
  • Jacques Dorfmann (as Jacques Toulouse on French prints) as Miguel, Young Outlaw
  • Loris Loddi as Young Silence in Flashback (uncredited)
  • Bruno Corazzari as Charlie (uncredited)
  • Fortunato Arena as Outlaw (uncredited)
  • Benito Pacifico as Stagecoach Driver (uncredited)
  • Mimmo Poli as Barman (uncredited)
  • Claudio Ruffini as Bounty Killer (uncredited)

Cast / Szereplők (God's Gun):

  • Lee Van Cleef as Father John / Lewis
  • Jack Palance as Sam Clayton
  • Richard Boone as The Sheriff
  • Sybil Danning as Jenny
  • Leif Garrett as Johnny
  • Robert Lipton as Jess Clayton
  • Cody Palance as Zeke Clayton
  • Ian Sander as Red Clayton
  • Pnina Rosenblum as Chesty
  • Zila Carni as Juanita Lewis
  • Heinz Bernard as Judge Barrett
  • Didi Lukov as Rip
  • Ricardo David as Angel George
  • Chin Chin as Willy
  • Rafi Ben Ami as Mortimer


 The Great Silence

Directed by Sergio Corbucci
Produced by
  • Attilio Riccio
  • Robert Dorfmann
Screenplay by
  • Vittoriano Petrilli
  • Mario Amendola
  • Bruno Corbucci
  • Sergio Corbucci
Story by Sergio Corbucci
  • Jean Louis Trintignant
  • Klaus Kinski
  • Frank Wolff
  • Luigi Pistilli
  • Mario Brega
  • Marisa Merlini
  • Vonetta McGee
Music by Ennio Morricone
Cinematography Silvano Ippoliti
Edited by Amedeo Salfa
  • Adelphia Compagnia Cinematografica
  • Les Films Corona
Distributed by
  • 20th Century Fox (Italy)
  • Les Films Corona (France)
Release date
  • November 1968 (Italy)
  • 27 January 1969 (France)
Running time
105 minutes
  • Italy
  • France


Directed by Gianfranco Parolini (as Frank Kramer)
Produced by Menahem Golan
Screenplay by
  • John Fonseca
  • Frank Kramer
  • Lee Van Cleef
  • Jack Palance
  • Richard Boone
  • Leif Garrett
  • Sybil Danning
  • Robert Lipton
  • Cody Palance
Music by Sante Maria Romitelli
Cinematography Sandro Mancori
Edited by Manlio Camastro
  • Golan-Globus Productions
  • Dunamis Cinematografica
  • Rovi Film Produktions
Distributed by
  • The Irwin Yablans Company
  • Cannon Film Distributors
Release date
  • March 1977 (USA)
Running time
94 minutes
  • Italy
  • Israel
  • English





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