Finding Nemo DVD 2003 Némó nyomában / Directed by Andrew Stanton / Starring: Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, Alexander Gould, Willem Dafoe

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Finding Nemo DVD 2003 Némó nyomában / Directed by Andrew Stanton / Starring: Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, Alexander Gould, Willem Dafoe

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AUDIO: English 5.1, Hungarian 5.1, English 2.0

SUBTITLES: English, Hungarian, English HOH

Total Runtime: 97 minutes


English Summary:

Finding Nemo is a 2003 American computer-animated adventure film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. Directed and co-written by Andrew Stanton with co-direction by Lee Unkrich, the screenplay was written by Bob Peterson, David Reynolds, and Stanton from a story by Stanton. The film stars the voices of Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, Alexander Gould, and Willem Dafoe. It tells the story of an overprotective clownfish named Marlin, who, along with a regal blue tang named Dory searches for his missing son Nemo. Along the way, Marlin learns to take risks and comes to terms with Nemo taking care of himself.

Nemo is a young clownfish who lives with his father Marlin in an anemone in the Great Barrier Reef. Nemo, despite being hampered by a lame right fin, is eager to explore life around the ocean. Marlin, however, is overprotective of him, having lost his wife Coral and all their other eggs in a barracuda attack, leaving Nemo as his only child. On Nemo's first day of school, Marlin unintentionally embarrasses him, and while Marlin is distracted with the teacher, Mr. Ray, Nemo defiantly sneaks away from the reef toward a speedboat, where he is captured by a pair of scuba divers. Marlin tries to chase the boat and meets Dory, a blue tang who suffers from acute short-term memory loss, who offers her help. During an encounter with three sharks who have sworn to abstain from eating other fish, Marlin notices a diver's mask that fell from the boat that took Nemo. Marlin and Dory fight over the mask, giving Dory a nose bleed, which sends one of the sharks into a feeding frenzy, and Marlin and Dory narrowly escape, but are knocked unconscious when the sharks accidentally set off a ring of old naval mines


Hungarian Summary:

A világ óceánjaiban több mint 3 milliárd hal él. Marlin és Dory azonban egyetlen egyhez ragaszkodik közülük. Marlin fiát, Némót keresik, aki elsodródott szülei mellől, majd behálózta egy könnyűbúvár: azóta egy fogorvosi várószoba akváriumában raboskodik. A gyermekét féltő apa és társa hosszú vándorútra indul, miközben egy pillanatra sem tévesztik szem elől az elrabolt poronty nyomvonalát. Út közben Marlinból igazi hős válik: szerez néhány barátot és túlél néhány ellenséget. Megússza a találkozást a cápákkal, teknőcökkel, kanalas gémekkel és az óceán többi veszélyes vagy kelekótya szerzetével. Miközben a kalandjain és a rengeteg felmerülő akadályon igyekszik keresztülevickélni, fiacskája sem tétlenkedik: egy fantasztikus szökési tervet forgat a fejében.


Cast / Voices - Hangok

  • Albert Brooks as Marlin, a clownfish and Nemo's father.
  • Ellen DeGeneres as Dory, a regal blue tang with short-term memory loss.
  • Alexander Gould as Nemo, Marlin's only surviving son, who is excited about life and exploring the ocean, but gets captured and domesticated as a pet.
  • Willem Dafoe as Gill, a moorish idol fish living in an aquarium in a dentist clinic, and the leader of the Tank Gang.
  • Brad Garrett as Bloat, the aquarium's porcupinefish.
  • Allison Janney as Peach, the aquarium's starfish.
  • Stephen Root as Bubbles, the aquarium's yellow tang fish.
  • Austin Pendleton as Gurgle, the aquarium's royal gramma fish.
  • Vicki Lewis as Deb/Flo, the aquarium's striped damselfish.
  • Joe Ranft as Jacques, the aquarium's cleaner shrimp.
  • Geoffrey Rush as Nigel, an Australian pelican, who often visits the dentist clinic and is friends with the aquarium fish.
  • Andrew Stanton as Crush, a green sea turtle.
  • Elizabeth Perkins as Coral, Marlin's wife and Nemo's mother.
  • Nicholas Bird as Squirt, Crush's son.
  • Bob Peterson as Mr. Ray, a spotted eagle ray and Nemo's schoolteacher.
  • Barry Humphries as Bruce, a vegetarian great white shark, who fights his instinctive wills to eat innocent fish and is friends with Anchor and Chum.
  • Eric Bana as Anchor, a hammerhead shark who is friends with Bruce and Chum.
  • Bruce Spence as Chum, a mako shark who is friends with Bruce and Anchor.
  • Bill Hunter as The Dentist.
  • LuLu Ebeling as Darla, the dentist's rambunctious young niece.
  • Jordy Ranft as Tad, a butterfly fish fingerling and Nemo's school friend.
  • Erica Beck as Pearl, a young flapjack octopus and Nemo's school friend.
  • Erik Per Sullivan as Sheldon, a young seahorse, and Nemo's school friend.
  • John Ratzenberger as the school of moonfish.


Directed by Andrew Stanton
Produced by Graham Walters
Screenplay by
  • Andrew Stanton
  • Bob Peterson
  • David Reynolds
Story by Andrew Stanton
  • Albert Brooks
  • Ellen DeGeneres
  • Alexander Gould
  • Willem Dafoe
Music by Thomas Newman
  • Sharon Calahan
  • Jeremy Lasky
Edited by David Ian Salter
  • Walt Disney Pictures
  • Pixar Animation Studios
Distributed by Buena Vista Pictures Distribution
Release date
  • May 30, 2003
Running time
97 minutes
Country United States
Language English


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