Chuvash New Testament - Reprint Edition / Original Publication Date 1911

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Chuvash New Testament - Reprint Edition / Original Publication Date 1911 - Chuvash is a Turkic language spoken in central Russia


Product Details:

  • Format: Vinyl Bound
  • Pages: 526
  • Publisher: Institute for Bible Translation
  • Language: Chuvash
  • Original Publication Date of the First Edition: 1911
  • Reprint Edition: Specific year not mentioned


This edition is a reprint of the Chuvash New Testament, originally published in 1911. Chuvash is a Turkic language spoken primarily in central Russia. The reprint maintains the linguistic and cultural authenticity of the original edition, providing Chuvash speakers access to the New Testament in their native language.

Key Features:

  • Chuvash Language: Offers the New Testament in Chuvash, catering to the spiritual needs of the Chuvash-speaking community.
  • Historical Edition: A reprint of the 1911 original, preserving the historical and linguistic significance of the first translation.
  • Vinyl Binding: Ensures durability and longevity, making it suitable for regular use and preservation as a cultural artifact.


Ideal for the Chuvash-speaking community for religious education, personal devotion, and community worship. This edition is also significant for historians, linguists, and those interested in the Turkic language family and Christian missionary work.


Targeted towards the Chuvash-speaking Christian community, as well as linguists, historians, and scholars interested in Turkic languages and the history of Bible translations.

Cultural and Linguistic Significance:

The reprint of the Chuvash New Testament is important for preserving the linguistic heritage of the Chuvash people. It serves as a bridge between faith and cultural identity, offering a historical perspective on the translation of Christian scriptures into Turkic languages.

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