Chinese Bible with Hymns (New Edition) | 圣经附赞美诗

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Chinese Bible with Hymns (New Edition) | 圣经附赞美诗

Product Features


"Bible with Hymns (New Edition)" is a comprehensive compilation of the Holy Bible (Old and New Testaments) and a collection of hymns, published by the China Christian Council and the Three-Self Patriotic Movement. This edition, printed in simplified Chinese characters with modern punctuation, is designed for daily devotion and worship services. It is compact and easy to carry, featuring different colored paper for the Bible and hymn sections for easy distinction.


Publishing Information

  • Publisher: China Christian Council
  • Address: 219 Jiujiang Road, Shanghai, 200002, China
  • Phone: 021-63210806 (main), 63296235 (fax)
  • Printer: Amity Printing Company, Nanjing
  • Printing Date: May 2017 (2009 edition)
  • Size: 126×185 (32K)
  • Bible ID: 0102007-5026
  • Approval Number: Y(2017)00000046


Features and Usage

  • Daily Devotion and Worship: Essential for Christians' daily devotions and worship services.
  • Color-coded Sections: Different colored paper is used to distinguish between the Bible and hymn sections.
  • Simplified Chinese and Modern Punctuation: This edition uses simplified Chinese characters and modern punctuation for readability.
  • Modernized Terminology: Certain words and names have been updated to reflect contemporary usage, such as "他" differentiated into "他" (he), "她" (she), "它" (it), and modern names for places and people.
  • Sectioning and Headings: Sections and headings have been adjusted for clarity and ease of reading, based on the latest version of the Union Bible.
  • Appendices: Includes "Glossary of Terms," "Bible Timeline," and "Index of Common Scriptures" for reference.



  • China Christian Council: 219 Jiujiang Road, Shanghai, 200002, China
  • Amity Printing Company: 99 Zhouzhong Road, Dongshanqiao, Jiangning District, Nanjing, 211153, China


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Overview (Chinese)

《圣经附赞美诗(新编)》 由中国基督教三自爱国运动委员会和中国基督教协会出版,是一本结合了《圣经》(新旧约全书)和《赞美诗(新编)》的便携书籍。此版本使用简体字和现代标点符号,以双栏排列便于阅读。书中包含了对一些人名、地名及词语的现代化改动,使其更符合现代汉语的使用习惯。

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