Celebrate! Praise & Worship Sampler Integrity Music 1988 Long Play / Anointed and Powerful Worship Experience

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Celebrate! Praise & Worship Sampler / Integrity Music / 1988 / Long Play  / Anointed and Powerful Worship Experience

Product Features

  • Title: Celebrate! Praise & Worship Sampler
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Label: Integrity Music
  • Released Year: 1988
  • Format: CD
  • Duration: Long Play
  • Catalog Number: 000768020128
  • HS Catalog Number: HS001CD
  • Genre: Praise & Worship
  • Rare CD


The "Celebrate! Praise & Worship Sampler" is a rare and anointed CD compilation released by Integrity Music in 1988. This Long Play recording offers a powerful worship experience, featuring a collection of songs from many of Integrity's best-selling albums. It serves as the ultimate sampling of the renowned Integrity Music worship catalog.

With Tom Brooks as the producer and Michael Coleman and Ed Lindquist as executive producers, this compilation showcases a variety of worship songs, each carrying a unique message and expression of praise. The selection includes tracks that have become timeless classics in the world of contemporary Christian worship.

This CD provides listeners with a journey through moments of worship, exalting the name of the Lord and celebrating His greatness. It captures the essence of the vibrant praise and worship movement of the time and offers a glimpse into the talents of various worship leaders and artists who contributed to Integrity Music's rich legacy.


  • "Celebrate! Praise & Worship Sampler" represents a significant era in the praise and worship music movement, featuring well-known worship leaders and artists of the time.
  • Integrity Music was recognized for its commitment to quality production, featuring full instrumentation and award-winning backup vocals with renowned talents.
  • The compilation includes classic worship songs that have continued to impact the worship community for decades.

Track List

  1. Arise Shine
  2. Let Your Spirit Rise Within Me
  3. I Will Arise
  4. Let God Arise
  5. Give Thanks (2:32)
  6. Let The Redeemed
  7. Ah Lord God
  8. What A Mighty God We Serve
  9. No Condemnation
  10. Forever Grateful
  11. Lamb of God
  12. Glory To The Lamb (4:40)
  13. Lift High the Lord Our Banner
  14. Mighty Warrior
  15. He Is Exalted (2:48)
  16. You Are Crowned With Many Crowns
  17. In Him We Live
  18. We Bring The Sacrifice Of Praise
  19. Your Steadfast Love (3:47)
  20. He That Dwelleth In The Secret Place (4:43)
  21. Holy Ground (Standing On) Holy Ground (4:10)
  22. Song For The Nations (3:26)
  23. Now Unto Him (2:26)


  • Producer: Tom Brooks
  • Executive Producers: Michael Coleman and Ed Lindquist
  • Label: Integrity Music

The "Celebrate! Praise & Worship Sampler" is a testament to the impact of Integrity Music in the praise and worship music genre, featuring a diverse collection of worship songs and artists.*59jbx3*_ga*MjAyOTE0ODY1OS4xNTkyNDY2ODc5*_ga_WS2VZYPC6G*MTY5MzUwMDg1OC4zNzE0LjEuMTY5MzUwNTc2My40Ny4wLjA.*59jbx3*_ga*MjAyOTE0ODY1OS4xNTkyNDY2ODc5*_ga_WS2VZYPC6G*MTY5MzUwMDg1OC4zNzE0LjEuMTY5MzUwNTc2My40Ny4wLjA.*59jbx3*_ga*MjAyOTE0ODY1OS4xNTkyNDY2ODc5*_ga_WS2VZYPC6G*MTY5MzUwMDg1OC4zNzE0LjEuMTY5MzUwNTc2My40Ny4wLjA.


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