Catholic Chinese - English Bilingual New Testament / Deep Pink Burgundy Leather Cover / Studium Biblicum O.F.M.

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Catholic Chinese - English Bilingual New Testament 

Deep Pink Burgundy Leather Cover | Studium Biblicum O.F.M. - New American Bible NAB Revised New Testament

Product Details:

  • Title: Catholic Chinese - English Bilingual New Testament
  • Subtitle: Studium Biblicum O.F.M. - New American Bible NAB Revised New Testament
  • Cover: Deep Pink Burgundy Leather
  • Features: Golden Edges, Study Notes
  • Binding: Imitation Leather
  • Pages: 864 pages
  • Publisher: Faith Press China Catholic; 1st edition (2014)
  • Language: Simplified Chinese


This bilingual New Testament presents the teachings of the New American Bible (NAB) Revised Edition in both Simplified Chinese and English. Encased in a luxurious deep pink burgundy leather cover with golden edges, this edition is a visual and tactile delight. The inclusion of study notes enhances the reader's understanding of the text, providing valuable insights into the cultural and historical context of the Scriptures. The Chinese language, with its rich characters and symbolism, adds a layer of depth to the NAB translation, allowing readers to appreciate the Word of God from a new perspective. By offering side-by-side translations, this bilingual edition facilitates cross-cultural dialogue and spiritual growth, making it a valuable resource for individuals seeking to deepen their faith and understanding of Scripture.


The Studium Biblicum O.F.M., or the Franciscan Biblical Institute, is renowned for its scholarly work in biblical studies and translations. The collaboration between this esteemed institution and the New American Bible (NAB) translators has resulted in a unique bilingual edition that caters to both Chinese-speaking Catholics and English-speaking audiences. The deep pink burgundy leather cover symbolizes devotion and reverence, reflecting the sacred nature of the text within. With its golden edges and study notes, this New Testament is not just a book but a companion for spiritual reflection and growth. The blending of Chinese and English languages in this edition serves as a bridge between two distinct cultures, fostering unity in diversity and promoting a deeper appreciation for the universal message of love and redemption found in the Scriptures.


这本双语新约以简体中文和英文呈现了新美国圣经 (NAB) 修订版的教义。 该版本采用奢华的深粉色酒红色皮革封面,带有金色边缘,带来视觉和触觉上的愉悦。 包含学习笔记可以增强读者对经文的理解,为圣经的文化和历史背景提供宝贵的见解。 中文以其丰富的文字和象征意义,为NAB的翻译增添了一层深度,让读者从新的角度欣赏神的话语。 通过提供并排翻译,这个双语版本促进了跨文化对话和精神成长,使其成为寻求加深信仰和对圣经理解的个人的宝贵资源。


Studium Biblicum O.F.M.,即方济会圣经研究所,以其圣经研究和翻译方面的学术工作而闻名。 这家受人尊敬的机构与新美国圣经 (NAB) 译者之间的合作产生了独特的双语版本,既能满足华语天主教徒的需求,也能满足英语读者的需求。 深粉色酒红色皮革封面象征着虔诚和崇敬,反映了内部文字的神圣本质。 凭借其金边和学习笔记,这本新约圣经不仅是一本书,而且是精神反思和成长的伴侣。 该版本中中文和英文的混合成为两种不同文化之间的桥梁,促进多样性的统一,并促进对圣经中爱和救赎的普遍信息的更深入的认识。


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