Batak Toba Language Bible with Hymnal 556 Hymns / Bibel Dohot Ende 064TI Imitation Black Leather with Zipper and Thumb Index, Golden Edges / Teks Alkitab Bahasa Batak Toba

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BLACK COVER!!! / Batak Toba Language Bible with Hymnal 556 Hymns / Bibel Dohot Ende 064TI

Product Details:

  • Binding: Imitation Leather with Zipper and Thumb Index
  • Edges: Golden Edges
  • Pages: 2058
  • Publisher: Bible Society
  • Publication Year: 2015
  • Language: Batak Toba
  • ISBN: 9789794634318
  • Includes: 556 Hymns / Christian Protestant Hymnal (Buku Ende)


The "Bibel Dohot Ende" is a formal translation of the Bible in the Batak Toba language, complete with a hymnal containing 556 hymns. It's designed for the Batak Toba-speaking Christian Protestant community in the North Sumatra province of Indonesia. The 2015 print edition is bound in black imitation leather with a zipper and thumb index for convenient use, and golden edges for an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Key Features:

  • Batak Toba Language: Specifically translated for the Batak Toba-speaking population, estimated to be around 2 million people.
  • 556 Hymns: Includes a substantial hymnal, Buku Ende, which is an integral part of worship in the Batak Toba Christian community.
  • Cultural and Historical Significance: Reflects the historical transition from the traditional Batak script to the Latin script in its writing. The translation work has historical roots involving Herman Neubronner van der Tuuk.
  • Practical Design: The imitation leather cover with zipper and thumb indexing ensures durability and ease of access.


This Bible is primarily used by the Batak Toba-speaking Christian community for worship, personal study, and in church services. The inclusion of hymns makes it a comprehensive resource for religious and musical practices.


Targeted towards the Batak Toba-speaking Christian community in North Sumatra, Indonesia. It's also a significant resource for linguists, cultural historians, and those interested in the study of Austronesian languages and Christian missionary work.

Cultural and Linguistic Importance:

This edition serves as a valuable cultural artifact, preserving the Batak Toba language and its use in Christian texts. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the linguistic heritage and religious practices of the Batak Toba people, offering insights into the intersection of language, culture, and faith.

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