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Antonio Vivaldi ‎– Juditha Triumphans, Oratorio / Gloria Banditelli, Maria Zadori, Judit Nemeth / Savaria Vocal Ensemble, Capella Savaria / Conducted by Nicholas McGegan / Hungaroton Classic ‎2x Audio CD 1995 Stereo / HCD 31063-64

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Antonio Vivaldi ‎– Juditha Triumphans, Oratorio / Gloria Banditelli, Maria Zadori, Judit Nemeth / Savaria Vocal Ensemble, Capella Savaria / Conducted by Nicholas McGegan / Hungaroton Classic ‎2x Audio CD 1995 Stereo / HCD3106364

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Product Details:

Label: Hungaroton Classic ‎– HCD 31063-64
Format: 2 × CD, Reissue
Country: Hungary
Released: 1995
Genre: Classical
Style: Baroque, Oratorio


1-01 Coro: Arma, Caedes, Vindictae 3:50
1-02 Recitativo Holofernes: Felix Et Fausta Dies 0:36
1-03 Aria Holofernes: Nil Arma, Nil Bella 3:22
1-04 Recitativo Vagans, Holofernes: Mi Dux, Domine Mi 0:24
1-05 Aria Vagans: Matrona Inimica 3:04
1-06 Recitativo Holofernes, Vagans: Huc Accedat Matrona 1:01
1-07 Aria Juditha: Quo Cum Patriae Me Ducit 4:11
1-08 Recitativo Abra: Ne Timeas Non 0:12
1-09 Aria Abra: Vultus Tui Vago Splendori 2:57
1-10 Recitativo Abra, Juditha: Vide, Humilis Prostrata 0:29
1-11 Coro: O Quam Vaga, Venusta 1:18
1-12 Recitativo Vagans: Quem Vides Prope 0:22
1-13 Aria Vagans: Quamvis Ferro 4:00
1-14 Recitativo Holofernes, Juditha: Quid Cerno! 1:25
1-15 Aria Juditha: Quanto Magis Generosa 6:44
1-16 Recitativo Holofernes, Juditha: Magna, O Femina, Petis 0:56
1-17 Aria Holofernes: Sede, O Cara 3:33
1-18 Recitativo Holofernes, Juditha: Tu Judex Es 1:12
1-19 Aria Juditha: Agitata Infido Flatu 3:32
1-20 Recitativo Holofernes: In Tentorio Supernae 0:30
1-21 Aria Con Coro Vagans, Chorus: O Servi Volate 3:22
1-22 Recitativo Vagans, Abra: To Quoque Hebraica Ancilla 0:38
1-23 Aria Juditha: Veni, Veni, Me Sequere 5:06
1-24 Recitativo Abra: Venio Juditha 0:11
1-25 Aria Abra: Fulgeat Sol Frontis Decorae 4:51
1-26 Recitativo Abra: In Urbe Interim Pia 0:29
1-27 Coro: Mundi Rector De Caelo 2:42
2-01 Recitativo Ozias: Summi Regis In Mente 0:53
2-02 Aria Ozias: O Sydera, O Stellae 3:57
2-03 Recitativo Ozias: Jam Saeventis In Hostem 0:17
2-04 Recitativo Holofernes: Nox In Umbra Dum Surgit 0:32
2-05 Aria Holofernes: Nox Obscura 6:02
2-06 Recitativo Holofernes, Juditha: Belligerae Meae Sorti 0:57
2-07 Aria Juditha: Transit Aetas 4:59
2-08 Recitativo Holofernes, Juditha: Haec In Crastinum Serva    
2-09 Aria Holofernes: Noli O Cara Te Adorantis 5:34
2-10 Recitativo Juditha, Holofernes: Tibi Dona Salutis 0:18
2-11 Coro: Plena Nectare Non Mero 1:30
2-12 Recitativo Holofernes: Tormenta Mentis Tuae 0:20
2-13 Aria Juditha: Vivat In Pace 3:41
2-14 Recitativo Juditha: Sic In Pace 0:37
2-15 Aria Vagans: Umbrae Carae 6:06
2-16 Recitativo Vagans, Juditha, Abra: Quae Fortunata Es 1:48
2-17 Aria Abra: Non Ita Reducem 3:14
2-18 Recitativo Abra: Jam Pergo, Postes Claudo 0:17
Accompagnato Juditha: Summae Astrorum Creator 1:04
2-20 Aria Juditha: In Somno Profundo 5:46
2-21 Accompagnato Juditha: Impii, Indigni Tiranni 0:37
2-22 Recitativo Juditha, Abra: Abra, Abra Accipe Munus 0:41
2-23 Aria Abra: Si Fugida Per Te 2:50
2-24 Recitativo Vagans: Jam Non Procul 1:19
2-25 Aria Vagans: Armatae Face 3:18
2-26 Recitativo Ozias: Quam Insolita Luce 0:52
2-27 Aria Ozias: Gaude Felix 2:18
2-28 Accompagnato Ozias: Ita Decreto Aeterno 0:54
2-29 Coro: Salve Invicta Juditha 1:53



More Details:

  • Art Direction – Pál Németh
  • Choir – Savaria Vocal Ensemble
  • Chorus Master – István Deáky
  • Composed By – Antonio Vivaldi
  • Conductor – Nicholas McGegan
  • Design – Miklós Juhász
  • Engineer – Ferenc Pécsi, Rudolf Pechan
  • Libretto By – Jacopo Cassetti
  • Liner Notes – János Malina
  • Mezzo-soprano Vocals [Holofernes] – Judit Németh
  • Mezzo-soprano Vocals [Juditha] – Gloria Banditelli
  • Mezzo-soprano Vocals [Ozias, High Priest] – Katalin Gémes
  • Mezzo-soprano Vocals [Vagans, His Servant] – Annette Markert
  • Orchestra – Capella Savaria
  • Painting – Lucas Cranach
  • Photography By – Kálmán Garas
  • Producer – András Székely
  • Soprano Vocals [Abra, Her Servant] – Mária Zádori



About Juditha triumphans:

Juditha triumphans devicta Holofernis barbarie (Judith triumphant over the barbarians of Holofernes), RV 644, is an oratorio by Antonio Vivaldi, the only survivor of the four that he is known to have composed. Although the rest of the oratorio survives completely intact, the overture has been lost. The Latin libretto was written by Iacopo Cassetti based upon the Book of Judith.

The exact date of composition and performance of Juditha triumphans are not known, but the allegorical treatment of the Venetian defense of Corfu dominated public discussion in Venice throughout 1716. This work was an allegorical description of the victory of the Venetians (the Christians) over the Turks in August 1716. The work was commissioned to celebrate the victory of the Republic of Venice over the Turks during the siege of Corfu: in July 1716, the Turks had landed on Corfu and set siege to the island. The population resisted the occupation and, in August, Venice signed an alliance with the Holy Roman Emperor. On 18 August, under the leadership of count Johann Matthias von der Schulenburg, the decisive battle was won and the Turks abandoned the island.

Although widely reported to have been performed at the Ospedale della Pietà in November 1716, the victorious General Schulenburg could not have been in the audience of any performance prior to January 3, 1717.









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