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Superman - The Movie DVD Superman - A Mozifilm / Directed by Richard Donner / Starring: Christopher Reeve, Ned Beatty, Jackie Cooper, Glenn Ford

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Superman - The Movie DVD Superman - A Mozifilm / Directed by Richard Donner / Starring: Christopher Reeve, Ned Beatty, Jackie Cooper, Glenn Ford

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AUDIO: English 5.1, Hungarian 5.1

SUBTITLES: English, Hungarian

Total Runtime: 145 minutes


English Summary:

On the planet Krypton, Jor-El of the ruling High Council discovers Krypton will soon be destroyed when its red supergiant sun goes supernova. Despite his insistence, he fails to convince the other Council members. To save his infant son, Kal-El, Jor-El plans to launch him in a spaceship to Earth, a planet with a suitable atmosphere where his dense molecular structure will give him superhuman strength and other powers. Shortly after the launch, Krypton's sun explodes, destroying the planet.

The ship crash-lands on Earth near Smallville, Kansas. Kal-El, who is now three years old, is found by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who are astonished when he lifts their truck. Taking him back to their farm, they decide to raise him as their own, naming him Clark after Martha's maiden name.

At 18, soon after Jonathan's death from a heart attack, Clark hears a psychic "call" and discovers a glowing green crystal in the remains of his spacecraft. It compels him to travel to the Arctic where it builds the Fortress of Solitude, resembling the architecture of Krypton. Inside, a hologram of Jor-El explains Clark's true origins, and after twelve further years of educating him on his reason for being sent to Earth and his powers, he leaves the Fortress wearing a blue and red suit with a red cape and the House of El family crest emblazoned on his chest and becomes a reporter at the Daily Planet in Metropolis. He meets and develops a romantic attraction to coworker Lois Lane.


Hungarian Summary:

Clark a Krypton bolygón született. Apja Jor-El az utolsó pillanatban indította útnak a Föld felé, mielőtt bolygójuk felrobbant. Rá hagyományozta a tudást, mellyel jobbá teheti az emberek életét. Földre érkezésekor még szinte csecsemő. Földi szülei szeretetben nevelik, de soha sem titkolják különleges származását. Clark Kent Metropolis lakóija lesz és a Planet-nél helyezkedik el. Ott ismeri meg Luis-t, de nem fedheti neki fel titkát. Egy napon megjelenik Lex Luthor, a legelvetemültebb bűnöző, és világuralomra tör. Clark az egyetlen, akinek megvan a képessége hozzá, hogy megállítsa...


Cast / Szereplők:

  • Marlon Brando as Jor-El: Superman's biological father on Krypton. He has a theory about the planet exploding, yet the Council refuses to listen. He dies as the planet explodes but successfully sends his infant son to Earth as a means to help the child. Brando sued the Salkinds and Warner Bros. for $50 million because he felt cheated out of his share of the box office profits.[8] This stopped Brando's footage from being used in Richard Lester's version of Superman II.[9]
  • Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor: A scientific genius and businessman who is Superman's nemesis. It is he who discovers Superman's weakness and hatches a plan that puts millions of people in danger.
  • Christopher Reeve as Superman / Clark Kent: Born on Krypton as Kal-El and raised on Earth, he is a being of immense power, strength and invulnerability who, after realizing his destiny to serve mankind, uses his powers to protect and save others. As a means to protect his identity, he works in Metropolis at the Daily Planet as mild-mannered newspaper reporter Clark Kent and changes his clothes into a red-blue red caped suit with an S shield on its chest and is dubbed "Superman" by Lois. Reeve was picked from over 200 actors who auditioned for the role.Ned Beatty as Otis: Lex Luthor's bumbling henchman.
    • Jeff East as the teenage Clark Kent: As a teenager, he is forced to hide his superhuman abilities, making him unpopular among his classmates and frustrating his efforts to gain the attention of classmate Lana Lang (Diane Sherry). Following the death of his adoptive father, he travels to the Arctic to discover his Kryptonian heritage. East's dialogue in the film is redubbed by Christopher Reeve for the final cut.[10]
  • Jackie Cooper as Perry White: Clark Kent's hot-tempered boss at the Daily Planet. He assigns Lois to uncover the news of an unknown businessman purchasing a large amount of property in California. Keenan Wynn was originally cast, but dropped out shortly before filming because of heart disease. Cooper, who originally auditioned for Otis, was subsequently cast.[11]
  • Glenn Ford as Jonathan Kent: Clark Kent's adoptive father in Smallville during his youth. He is a farmer who teaches Clark skills that will help him in the future. He later suffers a fatal heart attack that changes Clark's outlook on his duty to others.
  • Trevor Howard as the First Elder: Head of the Kryptonian Council, who does not believe Jor-El's claim that Krypton is doomed. He warns Jor-El: "Any attempt by you to create a climate of fear and panic amongst the populace must be deemed by us an act of insurrection."
  • Margot Kidder as Lois Lane: A reporter at the Daily Planet, who becomes a romantic interest to Clark Kent. The producers and director had a very specific concept for Lois: liberated, hard-nosed, witty and attractive. Kidder was cast because her performance had a certain spark and vitality, and because of her strong interaction with Christopher Reeve.[12] Over 100 actresses were considered for the role. Margot Kidder (suggested by Stalmaster), Anne Archer, Susan Blakely, Lesley Ann Warren, Deborah Raffin and Stockard Channing screen tested from March through May 1977. The final decision was between Channing and Kidder, with the latter winning the role.[13][14]
  • Jack O'Halloran as Non: Large and mute, the third of the Kryptonian villains who are sentenced to be isolated in the Phantom Zone.
  • Valerie Perrine as Eve Teschmacher: Lex Luthor's girlfriend and accomplice. Already cynical of his increasing grandiosity and disturbed by his cruelty, she saves Superman's life after learning that Luthor has launched a nuclear missile toward her mother's hometown of Hackensack, New Jersey. She shows a romantic interest in Superman, implied by her fixing her hair before she makes her presence known to him, and then by kissing him before she saves his life.
  • Maria Schell as Vond-Ah: Like Jor-El, a top Kryptonian scientist; but she too is not swayed by Jor-El's theories.
  • Terence Stamp as General Zod: Evil leader of the three Kryptonian criminals who swears vengeance against Jor-El when he is sentenced to the Phantom Zone.
  • Phyllis Thaxter as Martha Kent (née Clark): Clark Kent's faithful adoptive mother. A kindly woman who dotes on her adoptive son and is fiercely devoted to her husband, Jonathan. She is her son's emotional support after Clark is devastated by Jonathan's death. Thaxter was producer Ilya Salkind's mother-in-law.[15]
  • Susannah York as Lara: Superman's biological mother on Krypton. She, after learning of Krypton's fate, has apprehensions about sending her infant son to a strange planet alone.
  • Marc McClure as Jimmy Olsen: A teenage photographer at the Daily Planet. Jeff East, who portrayed the teenage Clark Kent, originally auditioned for this role, but outranked following his portrayal of the teen Clark.[10]
  • Sarah Douglas as Ursa: General Zod's second in command and consort, sentenced to the Phantom Zone for her unethical scientific experiments.
  • Harry Andrews as the Second Elder: Council member, who urges Jor-El to be reasonable about plans to save Krypton.

Kirk Alyn and Noel Neill have cameo appearances as Lois Lane's father and mother in a deleted scene that was restored in later home media releases.[16] Alyn and Neill portrayed Superman and Lois Lane in the film serials Superman (1948) and Atom Man vs. Superman (1950), and were the first actors to portray the characters onscreen in a live-action format. Neill reprised her role in the 1950s Adventures of Superman TV series.

Larry Hagman and Rex Reed also make cameos; Hagman plays an army major in charge of a convoy that is transporting one of the missiles, and Reed plays himself as he meets Lois and Clark outside the Daily Planet headquarters.


Directed by Richard Donner
Produced by Pierre Spengler
Screenplay by
  • Mario Puzo
  • David Newman
  • Leslie Newman
  • Robert Benton
Story by Mario Puzo
Based on
  • Jerry Siegel
  • Joe Shuster
  • Marlon Brando
  • Gene Hackman
  • Christopher Reeve
  • Ned Beatty
  • Jackie Cooper
  • Glenn Ford
  • Trevor Howard
  • Margot Kidder
  • Valerie Perrine
  • Maria Schell
  • Terence Stamp
  • Phyllis Thaxter
  • Susannah York
Music by John Williams
Cinematography Geoffrey Unsworth
Edited by
  • Stuart Baird
  • Michael Ellis
  • International Film Productions
  • Dovemead Ltd.[1]
Distributed by
  • Warner Bros. (United States)
  • Columbia-EMI-Warner (United Kingdom)
Release date
  • December 10, 1978 (Kennedy Center)
  • December 14, 1978 (United Kingdom)
  • December 15, 1978 (United States)
Running time
145 minutes
  • United Kingdom
  • Switzerland
  • Panama
  • United States
Language English




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