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Police Story DVD 1985 Rendőr Sztori / Directed by Jackie Chan / Starring: Jackie Chan, Brigitte Lin, Maggie Cheung, Chor Yuen

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Police Story DVD 1985 Rendőr Sztori / Directed by Jackie Chan / Starring: Jackie Chan, Brigitte Lin, Maggie Cheung, Chor Yuen

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Audio: Cantonese mono, Hungarian mono

Subtitle: Hungarian

Total Runtime: 89 minutes


English Summary:

Police Story (Chinese: 警察故事; pinyin: Jǐngchá Gùshì; Jyutping: Ging2 caat3 gu3 si6) is a 1985 Hong Kong action–crime film written and directed by Jackie Chan, who also stars in the lead role. It is the first of the Police Story series featuring Chan as Hong Kong police detective "Kevin" Chan Ka-Kui, starring alongside Brigitte Lin and Maggie Cheung. Chan began work on the film after a disappointing experience working with the director James Glickenhaus on The Protector, which was intended to be his entry into the American film market.

The Royal Hong Kong Police Force is planning a major undercover sting to arrest crime lord Chu Tao (Chor Yuen). Inspector Chan Ka-Kui (or Kevin Chan in some versions) is part of the operation, along with undercover officers stationed in a shanty town. However, the criminals spot the officers and the shootout ensues between the two groups in which civilians either flee the town or caught in the crossfire as a result of the gunfight. Chu Tao and his men successfully flee in their car by driving through the town but crashes it immediately after going downhill and escapes on foot. Ka-Kui persists in his chase on foot as Chu Tao and his men attempt to escape in a double-decker bus. Ka-Kui manages to get in front of the bus and bring it to a halt by threatening to shoot the driver with his service revolver.

Later, Ka-Kui is reprimanded by Superintendent Li for letting the operation get out of hand, but subsequently presented to the media as a model police officer. His next assignment is to protect Chu Tao's secretary, Selina Fong (Brigitte Lin), who plans to testify in court about Chu Tao's illegal activities. At first, Selina insists that she does not require protection, but after Ka-Kui has a fellow policeman break into her apartment and pose as a knife-wielding assassin and later afterwards had his other officers fighting him while Ka-Kui attempts to drive away along with her, she becomes more cooperative.


Hungarian Summary:

A speciális ügyek szakértője azt a feladatot kapja, hogy számoljon le a kábítószerkirállyal. A gengszter titkárnője lesz a koronatanú. Kevinnek gondoskodnia kell az asszony védelméről, és újabb terhelő bizonyítékokat szereznie Chee ellen. A tárgyalás napján azonban a nőnek nyoma vész, s Chee mindent megtesz, hogy örökre megszabaduljon veszélyes ellenfelétől: Kevint rendőrgyilkossági ügybe keverik.


Cast / Szereplők:

  • Jackie Chan as Sergeant "Kevin" Chan Ka-Kui ("Jackie" in second, third, and fourth English dubs)
  • Brigitte Lin as Salina Fong, Chu Tao's secretary aka Selina Fong (all English dubs) (as Brigette Lin)
  • Maggie Cheung as May, Ka-Kui's Girlfriend
  • Chor Yuen as Chu Tao, Crime Lord aka Tom Koo (first and second English dubs)
  • Charlie Cho as John Ko, gangster aka John Chow (second English dub)
  • Fung Hark-On as Danny Chu Ko / Danny Koo (first and second English dubs)
  • Lam Kwok-Hung as Superintendent Raymond Li
  • Bill Tung as Inspector "Uncle" Bill Chou / Inspector Wong (first and second English dubs) / Inspector George (third and fourth English dubs)
  • Kam Hing Yin as Inspector Man / Sergeant Mao (first and second English dubs) / Sergeant Ming (third and fourth English dubs)
  • Mars as Kim
  • Lau Chi-wing as Counsellor Cheung
  • Tai Po as Lee / Snake Eyes (first and second English dubs) / Sharkey (third and fourth English dubs)
  • Kent Tong as Tak / Tom / Francis Tong (Japanese release version)
  • Wan Fat as Mad Wing / Jacknife (1st and 2nd English dubs)
  • Bowie Wu as Sha Tau Kok police officer
  • Clarence Fok as Photographer
  • Money Lo as TV reporter


Jackie Chan stunt team

  • Chan Tat-kwong
  • Johnny Cheung
  • Danny Chow
  • Fung Hak On
  • Benny Lai
  • Rocky Lai
  • Sam Wong
  • Ben Lam
  • Chris Li
  • Mars
  • Pang Hiu-sang
  • Paul Wong


Traditional 警察故事
Simplified 警察故事
Mandarin Jǐngchá Gùshì
Cantonese Ging2 Caat3 Gu3 Si6
Directed by Jackie Chan
Produced by Raymond Chow
Leonard Ho
Screenplay by Jackie Chan
Edward Tang
Story by Golden Way Creative Group
Starring Jackie Chan
Brigitte Lin
Maggie Cheung
Chor Yuen
Charlie Cho
Music by Michael Lai
Tang Siu Lam
Cinematography Cheung Yiu Cho
Edited by Peter Cheung
Golden Way Films Ltd.
Distributed by Golden Harvest
Media Asia Group
Fortune Star Media Ltd.
Release date
  • 14 December 1985
Running time
100 minutes
Country Hong Kong


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