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Midnight in St. Petersburg DVD 1996 Éjféli Ügynök / Directed by Douglas Jackson / Starring: Michael Caine, Jason Connery

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Product Description

Midnight in St. Petersburg DVD 1996 Éjféli Ügynök / Directed by Douglas Jackson / Starring: Michael Caine, Jason Connery

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AUDIO: English 2.0, Hungarian 2.0

Total Runtime: 85 minutes


English Summary:

Midnight in Saint Petersburg is a 1996 made-for-television thriller film starring Michael Caine for the fifth and final time as British secret agent Harry Palmer.

It served as a sequel to Bullet to Beijing, which had been released the year before, the two films having been shot back-to-back. Three previous films featuring Caine as Palmer were released in the 1960s, beginning with The Ipcress File.

Harry Palmer heads a private investigation business based in Moscow. His associates are Nikolai "Nick" Petrov (Jason Connery), ex-CIA agent Craig (Michael Sarrazin), and ex-KGB Colonel Gradsky (Lev Prygunov[3]). They take on the job of finding 1000 grams of weapons-grade plutonium stolen from the Russian government, though they do not know the identity of their client.

This leads Harry back to Saint Petersburg, where (in Bullet to Beijing) he managed to make enemies of both of the leading rival gangsters, Alex (Michael Gambon) and Yuri (Anatoli Davydov). Nonetheless, suspecting that Alex is involved, Harry talks Yuri into helping him.

As a complication, Nick's ballerina girlfriend Tatiana (Tanya Jackson) is kidnapped by a gang working for Alex into order to pressure her father, the head curator of the Hermitage Museum, into helping steal valuable artwork for crooked art dealer Dr. Vestry (Serge Houde). Also in the mix is reporter Brandy (Michelle Burke), who turns out also to be working for Alex. Nick is captured when he goes looking for Tatiana, but manages to escape in time to assist Harry, with Yuri's help, foil both schemes.


Hungarian Summary:

Nagy mennyiségű plutóniumot lopnak el Szentpétervárról, és a tettes rögtön piacra dobja a veszélyes anyagot. A tömény koncentrátum három atombomba gyártásához elég, és a világ minden nagyobb terrorista szervezete árajánlatot tett már. Harry Palmer magánnyomozó egy befolyásos orosz személyiség megbízásából nyomozni kezd a tettes és a vásárló után. Az ügy hamarosan új fordulatot vesz, amikor társa, Nyikolaj Petrov barátnőjét, Tatjánát, a világhírű orosz balett-táncosnőt elrabolják.


Cast / Szereplők:

  • Michael Caine as Harry Palmer
  • Jason Connery as Nikolai Petrov
  • Yuri Limonty as Circus Clown
  • Tanya Jackson as Tatiana Zavarzina
  • Michael Scherer as Mafiosa
  • Michelle Burke as Brandy
  • Gabriel Vorobyov as Driver
  • Michael Sarrazin as Craig Warner
  • Lev Prygunov as Colonel Gradsky
  • Olga Anokhina as Greta Zavarzina
  • Yuriy Petrov as General Kornikov
  • Anatoli Davydov as Yuri Stephanovich
  • Serge Houde as Dr. Vestry
  • Ingolf Gorges as Club Manager
  • Evgeny Zharikov as Fyodor Zavarzin
  • Michael Gambon as Alex
  • Vladimir Yeryomin as Boris


Written by Harry Alan Towers (as Peter Welbeck)
Len Deighton (characters)
Directed by Douglas Jackson
Starring Michael Caine
Jason Connery
Music by Rick Wakeman
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) John Dunning
Aleksandr Golutva
André Link
Edward Simons
Kent Walwin
Running time 85 minutes

Original release

  • 1996







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