Mercury Rising DVD 1998 A Kód neve: Merkúr / Directed by Harold Becker / Starring: Bruce Willis, Alec Baldwin, Chi McBride, Kim Dickens

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Mercury Rising DVD 1998 A Kód neve: Merkúr / Directed by Harold Becker / Starring: Bruce Willis, Alec Baldwin, Chi McBride, Kim Dickens

UPC 5996051040476


MADE IN Hungary

AUDIO: English 5.1, Hungarian 2.0, Czech 2.0, French 5.1, German 5.1, Italian 5.1, Spanish 5.1

SUBTITLES: English HOH, Danish, Finnish, French, Dutch, Polish, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish

Total Runtime: 107 minutes


English Summary:

During a bank robbery hostage situation, an undercover FBI agent, Art Jeffries (Bruce Willis), attempts unsuccessfully to negotiate for more time to defuse the situation. The FBI storms the bank killing the robbers, but Jeffries's cover is blown, so he is given a boring desk job.

A nine-year-old autistic savant boy, Simon Lynch (Miko Hughes) is given an adult puzzle book by his teacher, and deciphers a phone number in a numerical puzzle. It was published in the magazine by two National Security Agency code creators, Dean Crandell and Leo Pedranski, to see if anyone could decipher it. The code, called "Mercury", is allegedly so complex that its creators believed no computer on Earth could decipher it. Simon phones the number, and Pedranski and Crandell report the situation to their boss, division chief Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas Kudrow (Alec Baldwin). He severely rebukes the pair for their unauthorized actions, and describes Simon and his abilities as a national security threat. Two assassins, Peter Burrell and Shayes, are deployed by Kudrow to terminate the boy and his parents, Martin and Jenny Lynch.

Posing as a police detective, Burrell gains entry to the Lynch household and unceremoniously shoots both Simon's mother and father with a silenced pistol. He is unable to find Simon himself, however, when he searches the house. Upon hearing approaching sirens (Martin was able to call 911 before dying), Burrell stages a murder-suicide and is driven away from the house by Shayes.


Hungarian Summary:

A lefokozott FBI-ügynök, Jeffries egy brutális gyilkossági ügyben nyomoz, mikor a tett színhelyén felfedezi a lemészárolt család sokkos állapotba került, autista gyermekét. Simon kórházba kerül, ám az ügynök meglepetésére megszüntetik a védőőrizetét. Jeffries félti a gyereket, ezért megszökteti a kórházból. Miközben bújkálnak, lassan összeáll a kép. Simon megfejtette a Nemzetbiztonsági Ügynökség Merkúr elnevezésű kódját, amely az amerikai kémakciók védelmét biztosítja. Kudrow alezredes pedig bármire képes, hogy a kódot megvédje.


Cast / Szereplők:

  • Bruce Willis as Special Agent Art Jeffries
  • Alec Baldwin as Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas Kudrow
  • Miko Hughes as Simon Lynch
  • Chi McBride as Special Agent Tommy Jordan
  • Kim Dickens as Stacey Siebring
  • John Carroll Lynch as Martin Lynch
  • Kelley Hazen as Jenny Lynch
  • L. L. Ginter as Peter Burrell
  • Robert Stanton as Dean Crandell
  • Bodhi Elfman as Leo Pedranski
  • Kevin Conway as Special Agent-in-Charge Joe Lomax
  • Carrie Preston as Emily Lang
  • Peter Stormare as Shayes
  • John Doman as Supervisor Hartley
  • Richard Riehle as Edgar Halstrom
  • Jack Conley as Detective Jack Nichols


Directed by Harold Becker
Produced by
  • Brian Grazer
  • Karen Kehela
Screenplay by
  • Lawrence Konner
  • Mark Rosenthal
Based on Simple Simon
by Ryne Douglas Pearson
  • Bruce Willis
  • Alec Baldwin
  • Chi McBride
  • Kim Dickens
Music by John Barry
Carter Burwell
Cinematography Michael Seresin
Edited by Peter Honess
Imagine Entertainment
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date
  • April 3, 1998 (United States)
Running time
107 minutes
Country United States
Language English





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