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Mary Poppins DVD 1964 Jubileumi kiadás / Hungarian Anniversary edition / Directed by Robert Stevenson / Starring: Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, David Tomlinson, Glynis Johns

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Mary Poppins DVD 1964 Jubileumi kiadás / Hungarian Anniversary edition / Directed by Robert Stevenson / Starring: Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, David Tomlinson, Glynis Johns

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AUDIO: English 5.1, Hungarian 5.1

SUBTITLES: English, Hungarian, English HOH

Total Runtime: 134 MINUTES


English Summary:

Mary Poppins is a 1964 American musical fantasy film directed by Robert Stevenson and produced by Walt Disney, with songs written and composed by the Sherman Brothers. The screenplay is by Bill Walsh and Don DaGradi, based on P. L. Travers's book series Mary Poppins. The film, which combines live-action and animation, stars Julie Andrews in her feature film debut as Mary Poppins, who visits a dysfunctional family in London and employs her unique brand of lifestyle to improve the family's dynamic. Dick Van Dyke, David Tomlinson, and Glynis Johns are featured in supporting roles. The film was shot entirely at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California using painted London background scenes.

In Edwardian London, 1910, Bert entertains a crowd as a one-man band when he senses a change in the wind.

Afterwards, he directly addresses the audience and gives them a tour of Cherry Tree Lane, stopping outside the Banks family's home. George Banks returns home to learn from his wife, Winifred, that Katie Nanna has left their service after their children, Jane and Michael, have run away, "For the fourth time this month," ("Life I Lead"). They are returned shortly after by Constable Jones, who reveals the children were chasing a lost kite. The children ask their father to help build a better kite, but he dismisses them. Taking it upon himself to hire a new nanny, Mr. Banks advertises for a stern, no-nonsense nanny. To contrast, Jane and Michael present their own advertisement for a kinder, sweeter nanny. Winifred tries to keep the peace. Mr. Banks rips up the letter and throws the scraps in the fireplace, but the remains of the advertisement magically float up and out into the air.


Hungarian Summary:

Banksék házában Michael és Jane, a gyerekek, igencsak elhagyatottnak érzik magukat, mivel szüleik nagyon kevés időt töltenek velük. De egyszer csak minden megváltozik. Mary Poppins nevelőnő. Kis táskájából mindent elővarázsol, vicces barátaival nevetőterápián vehetsz részt, és akár repülve is eljuthatsz bárhová. Ő az, aki tudja, hogy kell vidámabbá tenni a gyerekek életét.


Cast / Szereplők:

  • Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins, a magical and loving woman who descends from the clouds in response to the Banks children's advertisement for a nanny. She is firm in her use of authority but gentle and kind as well, a major departure from the original books, in which the character was strict and pompous.
  • Dick Van Dyke as Bert, a cockney jack-of-all-trades and Mary Poppins's closest friend, who is completely accustomed to her magic. Their playful interactions imply that they have known each other for a long time and that this kind of story has repeated itself many times. Bert has at least four jobs throughout the film: a one-man band, a pavement chalk artist, a chimney sweep, and a kite seller.David Tomlinson as George Banks, Mary Poppins' employer and father of Jane and Michael. He works at the Dawes Tomes Mousley Grubbs Fidelity Fiduciary Bank in London. He is a driven and disciplined man.
    • Van Dyke also portrays Mr. Dawes Sr., the old director of the bank where Mr. Banks works. During the film's end titles, "Navckid Keyd", an anagram of Dick Van Dyke, is first credited as playing the role before the letters unscramble to reveal Van Dyke's name.
  • Glynis Johns as Winifred Banks, the easily distracted wife of George Banks and the mother of Jane and Michael. She is depicted as a member of Emmeline Pankhurst's "Votes for Women" suffragette movement. Mrs. Banks was originally named Cynthia, but this was changed to the more English-sounding Winifred per Travers.
  • Hermione Baddeley as Ellen, the maid of the Banks residence.
  • Karen Dotrice as Jane Banks, daughter of Mr and Mrs Banks and Michael’s older sister.
  • Matthew Garber as Michael Banks, son of Mr and Mrs Banks and Jane’s younger brother.
  • Elsa Lanchester as Katie Nanna, the disgruntled nanny who quits the Banks family.
  • Arthur Treacher as Constable Jones, a police officer.
  • Reginald Owen as Admiral Boom, the Banks' eccentric neighbor and a naval officer. He has his first mate, Mr. Binnacle, fire a cannon from his roof every 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • Ed Wynn as Uncle Albert, a jolly gentleman who suffers from an unknown condition where he floats in the air during fits of uncontrollable laughter. Although he likes having company over, he becomes very sad and cries when his guests have to leave (he falls back to the ground, since it is the inversion of laughing).
  • Reta Shaw as Mrs. Brill, the cook of the Banks residence.
  • Don Barclay as Mr. Binnacle, Admiral Boom's first mate.
  • Marjorie Bennett as Miss Lark, owner of the dog named Andrew, who frequently runs away.
  • Arthur Malet as Mr. Dawes Jr., the director's son and member of the board.
  • Jane Darwell as the "Bird Woman", an old woman who sells breadcrumbs for the pigeons on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral.
  • Marjorie Eaton as Miss Persimmon
  • James Logan as a doorman who chases after the children in the bank.
  • Alma Lawton as Mrs. Corry, an old shopkeeper of a gingerbread shop and mother of two daughters.
  • Betty Lou Gerson as Old Crone (uncredited)
  • Kay E. Kuter as Man in Bank (uncredited)
  • Doris Lloyd as Depositor (uncredited)
  • Queenie Leonard as Depositor (uncredited)


  • Julie Andrews as Robin, Female Pearly
  • Marc Breaux as Cow
  • Daws Butler as Penguin Waiter, Turtles
  • Peter Ellenshaw as Penguin Waiter
  • Paul Frees as Barnyard Horse
  • Bill Lee as Ram
  • Sean McClory as Bloodhound, Reporter #4
  • Dallas McKennon as Fox, Bloodhound, Penguin Waiter, Horse, Carousel Guard
  • Alan Napier as Huntsman, Reporter #3, Bloodhound
  • Marni Nixon as Geese
  • J. Pat O'Malley as Bloodhound, Hunting Horse, Master of Hounds, Pearly Drummer, Penguin Waiter, Photographer, Reporter #2
  • George Pelling as Bloodhound, Reporter #1
  • Thurl Ravenscroft as Hog
  • Richard M. Sherman as Penguin Waiter, Male Pearly
  • Robert B. Sherman as the "Bird Woman", Pearly Banjo Player
  • David Tomlinson as Penguin Waiter, Jockey, Race Track Stewards, Mr. Binnacle, Mary Poppins' Parrot Umbrella[12]
  • Ginny Tyler as the Lambs


Directed by Robert Stevenson
Produced by Walt Disney
Screenplay by
  • Bill Walsh
  • Don DaGradi
Based on Mary Poppins
by P. L. Travers
  • Julie Andrews
  • Dick Van Dyke
  • David Tomlinson
  • Glynis Johns
  • Hermione Baddeley
  • Karen Dotrice
  • Matthew Garber
  • Elsa Lanchester
  • Arthur Treacher
  • Reginald Owen
  • Ed Wynn
Music by
  • Richard M. Sherman (songs)
  • Robert B. Sherman (songs)
  • Irwin Kostal (score)
Cinematography Edward Colman
Edited by Cotton Warburton
Walt Disney Productions
Distributed by Buena Vista Distribution
Release date
  • August 27, 1964
Running time
134 minutes
Country United States
Language English





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