French Language Hebrew and Aramaic Biblical Dictionary

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French Language Hebrew and Aramaic Biblical Dictionary, Brown Hardcover / Dictionnaire D’Hébreu et D’Araméen Bibliques

Product Details:

  • Author: Philippe Reymond
  • Format: Hardcover Book
  • Edition: 1998
  • Publisher: Le Cerf – Société Biblique Française
  • Language: French
  • Pages: 449
  • PID: 2853007138, 2204044636
  • OOC: 700535066952


"Dictionnaire D’Hébreu et D’Araméen Bibliques," authored by Philippe Reymond, is an extensive dictionary focusing on the Hebrew and Aramaic languages as they appear in biblical texts. Published in 1998 by Le Cerf – Société Biblique Française, this dictionary is an essential resource for scholars, theologians, and students who study the Bible in its original languages.


  • Language and Content: This dictionary is written in French, making it accessible to French-speaking students and scholars of biblical languages. It offers detailed definitions and explanations of Hebrew and Aramaic terms found in the Bible.
  • Design: The dictionary features a sturdy brown hardcover, enhancing its durability and making it suitable for frequent use in academic or personal study environments.
  • Comprehensive Approach: With 449 pages, the dictionary provides a thorough exploration of biblical Hebrew and Aramaic, including historical and linguistic contexts that enrich the understanding of these ancient languages.


This dictionary is ideal for those engaged in biblical studies, specifically in understanding the nuances and complexities of Hebrew and Aramaic words and phrases in the Bible. It can be used in religious education, theological studies, and by anyone interested in the linguistic aspects of biblical texts.


"Dictionnaire D’Hébreu et D’Araméen Bibliques" is tailored for French-speaking academicians, theologians, clergy, and students of theology and religious studies. It serves as a valuable tool for those who seek a deeper understanding of the Bible through its original languages, offering insights that enrich biblical interpretation and study.


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