English - Chinese Bilingual Bible / KJV - CUNP Chinese Union Version (with New Punctuation)

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English - Chinese Bilingual Bible / KJV - CUNP Chinese Union Version (with New Punctuation) / Black Leather with Zipper and Golden Edges KJV/CUNP67DIZ

UPC 9789570472882

ISBN-10: 957047288X

ISBN-13: 978-9570472882 / 9789570472882

Product Features

  • Bilingual: English (King James Version - KJV) and Chinese (Chinese Union Version with New Punctuation - CUNP)
  • Leather-bound with zipper for durability and protection
  • Elegant golden edges
  • 1894 pages of scriptural content
  • Published by Bible Society in 2011
  • Language: Chinese and English


The English-Chinese Bilingual Bible presents the revered texts of the King James Version (KJV) alongside the Chinese Union Version with New Punctuation (CUNP), offering a parallel reading experience for both English and Chinese-speaking Christians. This edition is bound in black leather with a zipper to safeguard the pages, and it features golden edges, adding a touch of elegance to the durable design.

With 1894 pages, this Bible provides a comprehensive reading of both the Old and New Testaments, facilitating a deeper understanding of the scriptures for bilingual readers and those studying either language. The Bible Society's 2011 publication is a testament to their commitment to making the Holy Scriptures accessible to a diverse audience, promoting spiritual growth and cultural exchange through the power of God's Word.

Interesting Facts

  • The King James Version is one of the most influential and historically significant translations of the Bible in English.
  • The Chinese Union Version with New Punctuation is a widely accepted translation among Chinese-speaking Christians and is known for its clarity and readability.
  • Bilingual Bibles are instrumental in cross-cultural Christian education and evangelism, allowing for a shared study experience across language barriers.


英汉双语圣经将英皇钦定本 (KJV) 与新标点和合本 (CUNP) 的经典文本呈现出来,为英语和汉语基督徒提供并行的阅读体验。 该版本采用黑色皮革装订,配有拉链以保护页面,并具有金色边缘,为耐用的设计增添了一丝优雅。

这本圣经共有 1894 页,提供了旧约和新约的全面阅读,有助于双语读者和学习任何一种语言的人更深入地理解经文。 圣经公会 2011 年的出版物证明了他们致力于让不同的受众都能接触到圣经,通过上帝话语的力量促进灵性成长和文化交流。



Key Credits

  • Publisher: Bible Society
  • Language: English (KJV), Chinese (CUNP)
  • Format: Leather-bound with zipper and golden edges

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