Chariots of Fire DVD 1981 Tűzszekerek / Directed by Hugh Hudson / Starring: Ben Cross, Ian Charleson, Nigel Havers, Cheryl Campbell, Alice Krige

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Chariots of Fire DVD 1981 / Directed by Hugh Hudson / Starring: Ben Cross, Ian Charleson, Nigel Havers, Cheryl Campbell, Alice Krige

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AUDIO: English 2.0

SUBTITLES: Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, English HOH



English Summary:

Chariots of Fire is a 1981 British historical drama sports film directed by Hugh Hudson, produced by David Puttnam, and written by Colin Welland. It tells the fact-based story of two athletes in the 1924 Olympics: Eric Liddell, a devout Scottish Christian who runs for the glory of God, and Harold Abrahams, an English Jew who runs to overcome prejudice. Ben Cross and Ian Charleson star as Abrahams and Liddell, respectively, alongside Nigel Havers, Ian Holm, Lindsay Anderson, John Gielgud, Cheryl Campbell, and Alice Krige in supporting roles.

In 1919, Harold Abrahams (Ben Cross) enters the University of Cambridge, where he experiences anti-Semitism from the staff, but enjoys participating in the Gilbert and Sullivan club. He becomes the first person to ever complete the Trinity Great Court Run, running around the college courtyard in the time it takes for the clock to strike 12, and achieves an undefeated string of victories in various national running competitions. Although focused on his running, he falls in love with Sybil (Alice Krige), a leading Gilbert and Sullivan soprano.

Eric Liddell (Ian Charleson), born in China of Scottish missionary parents, is in Scotland. His devout sister Jennie (Cheryl Campbell) disapproves of Liddell's plans to pursue competitive running, but Liddell sees running as a way of glorifying God before returning to China to work as a missionary.


Hungarian Summary:

Két fiatal atléta útja az 1924-es párizsi olimpián elért győzelmükig. Az egyik egy gazdag angol zsidó, aki olimpiai győzelmével akarja brit mivoltát bizonyítani, a másik egy szerény körülmények között élő protestáns lelkész. Az olimpián a futóverseny vasárnapra esik, s a lelkész ezen a napon nem hajlandó versenyezni. Riválisa - megfelelő ellenfél hiányában - győz. Az egyik hétköznapon megrendezett versenyen azonban a lelkész lesz az olimpiai bajnok. Két különböző társadalmi réteg képviselőiként vetélkednek, de mindketten nagy akaraterővel küzdenek a győzelemért.


Cast / Szereplők:

  • Ben Cross as Harold Abrahams, a Jewish student at Cambridge University
  • Ian Charleson as Eric Liddell, the son of Scottish missionaries to China
  • Nicholas Farrell as Aubrey Montague, a runner and friend of Harold Abrahams
  • Nigel Havers as Lord Andrew Lindsay, a Cambridge student runner partially based on David Burghley and Douglas Lowe
  • Ian Holm as Sam Mussabini, Abrahams's running coach
  • John Gielgud as Master of Trinity College at Cambridge University
  • Lindsay Anderson as Master of Caius College at Cambridge University
  • Cheryl Campbell as Jennie Liddell, Eric's devout sister (Janet Lillian "Jenny" Liddell)
  • Alice Krige as Sybil Gordon, Abrahams' fiancée (his actual fiancée was Sybil Evers)
  • Struan Rodger as Sandy McGrath, Liddell's friend and running coach
  • Nigel Davenport as Lord Birkenhead, member of the British Olympic Committee, who counsels the athletes
  • Patrick Magee as Lord Cadogan, chairman of the British Olympics Committee, who is unsympathetic to Liddell's religious plight
  • David Yelland as the Prince of Wales, who tries to get Liddell to change his mind about running on Sunday
  • Peter Egan as the Duke of Sutherland, president of the British Olympic Committee, who is sympathetic to Liddell
  • Daniel Gerroll as Henry Stallard, a Cambridge student and runner
  • Dennis Christopher as Charley Paddock, American Olympic runner
  • Brad Davis as Jackson Scholz, American Olympic runner
  • Richard Griffiths as the Head Porter at Caius College


Directed by Hugh Hudson
Produced by David Puttnam
Written by Colin Welland
  • Ben Cross
  • Ian Charleson
  • Nigel Havers
  • Cheryl Campbell
  • Alice Krige
  • Lindsay Anderson
  • Dennis Christopher
  • Nigel Davenport
  • Brad Davis
  • Peter Egan
  • Sir John Gielgud
  • Ian Holm
  • Patrick Magee
Music by Vangelis
Cinematography David Watkin
Edited by Terry Rawlings
Allied Stars Ltd
Goldcrest Films
Enigma Productions
The Ladd Company
Distributed by
  • 20th Century Fox (United Kingdom)
  • Warner Bros. (International)
Release date
  • 30 March 1981 (Royal Command Film Performance)
  • 15 May 1981 (United Kingdom)
Running time
118 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English





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