Baby Felix 2. DVD 2000 Félix cica és barátai 2. / Episodes 4-6 / Directed by Hiroshi Negishi, Kunitoshi Okajima / Starring: Denise Negami, Don Oriolo

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Baby Felix 2. DVD 2000 Félix cica és barátai 2. / Episodes 4-6 / Directed by Hiroshi Negishi,
Kunitoshi Okajima / Starring: Denise Negami, Don Oriolo

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AUDIO: Hungarian 2.0, English 2.0

SUBTITLES: Hungarian

RUN TIME: 66 minutes


English Summary:

Baby Felix (ベイビーフィリックス Beibī Firikkusu) is a Japanese children's animated television program that follows the adventures of a young Felix the Cat and infant versions of the characters from Joe Oriolo's Felix television program from the 1950s. It was launched by Oriolo's son, Don Oriolo in 2000 with NHK Educational, NEC Interchannel and AEON inc. of Japan. The show consists of 26 half-hour episodes. It follows in the long line of "Baby Cartoon Revivals" alongside such shows as Muppet Babies, Baby Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry Kids, and The Flintstone Kids. All 26 episodes were released in Bulgaria on 9 DVDs by A-Design. In 2010, DVDs have been released in Hungary as well.


04 "The Great Outdoors" TBA TBA January 21, 2001
January 28, 2001
February 4, 2001
February 11, 2001


  • Let's go camping!: Baby Felix and his friends go camping but have trouble getting there on foot...
  • Fishing Mookie style!: Baby Felix and Mookie go to the lake to catch some fish to cook, but they've got some competition.
  • The Forest Fairy: When Baby Kitty sees a small green glow, she believes that it's a forest fairy. But while Baby Felix and his friends go looking for the fairy, they get lost in the forest.
  • A Lullaby to Sleep By: Mimi can't seem to sleep without her lullaby music. But when Baby Felix helps out with his magic bag; you wouldn't want to know what kind of music puts Mimi to sleep!
05 "Mirror Mirror" TBA TBA February 18, 2001
February 25, 2001
March 4, 2001
March 11, 2001


  • Seven years of Bad Luck!: While playing baseball in the backyard, Baby Felix breaks his window, AND the mirror, which oddly enough has a star-shaped crack.
  • Which one is Mimi?: Mimi suspects the mirror is magical. She dresses up as a witch and reveals in her secret book that sneezing activates the mirror, which then sends Baby Felix and his friends to the time of dinosaurs.
  • It's Crystal Clear?: Baby Felix and his friends need to find a large crystal to get them back home.
  • Let's go home!: Tattoo informs Baby Felix that his friends are stuck in a bottomless swamp, and he needs to save them; with the help of the dinosaurs.
#TitleWriter(s)DirectorsOriginal air dateEpisode
06 "Medieval~A~Go~Go" TBA TBA April 30, 2001
May 1, 2001
May 2, 2001
May 3, 2001


  • Adventures in the Old Castle: Through the magic mirror, Baby Felix and his friends are in the middle ages and end up needing to rescue Skippy, being transported on a ship.
  • Adventure at sea: Baby Felix and his friends get caught by the captain's daughter Annie who resembles Baby Kitty. She mistakes them as stowaways and chases Baby Felix, but he saves her from falling off.
  • Beware of Pirate Island!: The ship encounters a real pirate ship led by pirates that look like the bully boys.
  • Let's get Away!: The pirates didn't give up yet, and Baby Felix's magic is the only thing to save the ship from getting destroyed.




Hungarian Summary:

A Félix cica és barátai (ベイビーフィリックス; Beibi Firikkuszu; Hepburn: Beibī Firikkusu; Baby Felix) 2000-től 2001-ig vetített japán animesorozat, amelynek rendezői Negisi Hirosi és Okadzsima Kunitosi, producere Don Oriolo. Az eredeti változatot a Radix stúdió készítette. A magyar változat a Mirax forgalmazásában készült. Japánban az NHK vetítette. Az Egyesült Államokban a First Nat'l Pictures sugározta. Magyarországon az RTL Klub tűzte műsorára a Kölyökklub című műsorblokkban.



- A nagy kirándulás - Halászat majom módra - Az erdőtündér - Altatódal

5. rész:

- Hét évi balszerencse - Melyikük Mimi? - Kristály tiszta - Menjünk haza

6. epizód:

- Kalandok a régi kastélyban - Kaland a tengeren - Óvakodj a kalózszigettől - Meneküljünk!


Voice cast

  • Baby Felix: Yumi Touma (Japanese voice) Denise Negami (English voice)
  • Felix: Toshihiko Seki (Japanese voice) Don Oriolo (English voice)
  • Marin Kitty/Baby Kitty: Ai Maeda (Japanese voice) Jennifer Brassard (English voice)
  • Skippy: Motoko Kumai (Japanese voice)
  • Mookie: Noko Konoha (Japanese voice)
  • Mimi: Atsuko Enomoto (Japanese voice) Jennifer Brassard (English voice)
  • Tattoo: Hisayo Mochizuki (Japanese voice)
  • Bull/Biff: Tesshō Genda (Japanese voice)
  • Rock Bottom: Kōichi Nagano (Japanese voice)
  • Zoo: Kōichi Sakaguchi (Japanese voice)
  • Professor: Toshiyuki Morikawa (Japanese voice) Don Oriolo (English voice)
  • Master Cylinder: Kōichi Nagano (Japanese voice) Don Oriolo (English voice)
  • Poindexter: Yamaguchi Kappei (Japanese voice) Don Oriolo (English voice)
  • Marty: Ryūsei Nakao (Japanese voice)
  • Majorina/Esmeralda: Rei Sakuma (Japanese voice) Jennifer Brassard (English voice)
  • Play-by-play Announcer: Showtaro Morikubo



SzereplőJapán hangMagyar hang
Félix cica Tóma Jumi Seszták Szabolcs
Félix macska Szeki Tosihiko Markovics Tamás
Cicababa Maeda Ai F. Nagy Erika
Mookie Konoha Noko Breyer Zoltán
Mimi Enomoto Acuko Roatis Andrea
Skippy Kumai Motoko ?
Tattoo Mocsizuki Hiszajo ?
Bull / Buff Genda Tessó ?
Rock Bottom Nagano Kóicsi ?
Professzor Morikava Tosijuki Versényi László
Cilinder mester Nagano Kóicsi ?
Marin cicus ? ?
Esmeralda Szakuma Rei ?


Directed by Hiroshi Negishi
Kunitoshi Okajima (Chief)
Produced by Don Oriolo
Written by Yasunari Suda
Nobuaki Kishima
Music by Katsumi Horii
Studio Radix
NEC Interchannel
Licensed by
First Nat'l Pictures
Original network NHK (2000-2001) = Gordon Network (2000) = Ayden Channel (2001-2004)
Original run October 8, 2000 June 29, 2001
Episodes 65






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