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Az ördög jobb és bal keze 2. DVD 1971 (...continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità) / They Call Me Trinity 2 / Audio and Subtitle: Hungarian / Starring : Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, Dana Ghia, Enzo Tara, Emilio Delle, and Carey Jr. / Directed by: E.B. Clucher

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Az ördög jobb és bal keze 2. DVD 1971 (...continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità) / Audio and Subtitle: Hungarian / Starring : Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, Yanti Somer, Dana Ghia, Enzo Tara, Emilio Delle, and Carey Jr. / Directed by: E.B. Clucher

UPC 5999545581196

Region 2 PAL DVD 

Audio: Hungarian

Subtitle: Hungarian

Playtime: 112 minutes

Hungarian Summary:

Az ördög jobb és bal keze 2. (eredeti cím olaszul: …continuavano a chiamarlo Trinitàangolul: Trinity Is STILL My Name!1971-ben bemutatott olasz westernvígjáték, amelynek főszereplői Bud Spencer és Terence Hill, és az egy évvel korábbi Az ördög jobb és bal keze folytatása. A rendezője és írója E.B. Clucher, a producere Italo Zingarelli, a zeneszerzői Guido és Maurizio de Angelis. A mozifilm a West Film gyártásában készült, a Delta forgalmazásában jelent meg. Műfaját tekintve filmvígjáték és westernfilmOlaszországban1971. október 21-én, Amerikában 1972. július 20-án, Magyarországon 1992. június 19-én mutatták be a mozikban.

Ez volt első Bud Spencer-Terence Hill film, amelynek zenéjét Guido és Maurizio de Angelis készítette.

A filmnek van egy Magyarországon kevésbé közismert harmadik része is, de ez már nem a Spencer-Hill duóval készült: Trinity és Bambino fiai a főszereplők. 

English Summary:

Trinity Is Still My Name (Italian...continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità, lit. "...they kept calling him Trinity") is a 1971 Italian Spaghetti Western comedy film directed by Enzo Barboni. Starring Terence Hill and Bud Spencer, it is a sequel to They Call Me Trinity (1970).


In the opening sequence, Bambino (Bud Spencer) is walking through the desert carrying his saddle and finds four escaped convicts, from whom he steals their beans and horses. This scene is followed by the opening credits and the title song, after which we see Trinity (Terence Hill) on his travois. He too comes across the convicts frying more beans, and also tricks them.

Trinity then continues to his family home and finds Bambino having a bath. Trinity smells so bad that he is told to bathe, too, before everyone starts lunch. When the four convicts show up and try to rob the family, the mother sneaks around from the back and ushers them out with a shotgun after they are relieved of their money.

That night, the father pretends to be dying and makes Trinity and Bambino promise to work together. As Bambino is teaching Trinity how to be a successful horse thief, they see a wagon with two tired mules and decide to rob the passengers. But all they find is a family with a sick baby (nicknamed "Little Windy" by Bambino) and a young girl who falls for Trinity. The family isn't moving because of a broken wheel, so Bambino lifts the wagon and Trinity changes the wheel, before giving the family some of the money they have stolen. As the film progresses they keep encountering the family, with much the same gags.

When Trinity and Bambino arrive in town, they head to the local saloon. Inside, Trinity, Bambino, and two cowboys play cards with a professional sharper named Wild Card Hendriks. Thanks to his superior skills, Trinity deals everybody a potentially winning hand. However, his cards are better, so he wins and is accused of being a cheat. When they square off, Trinity displays his extreme speed by drawing his gun a number of times, each time holstering it and then slapping Hendricks in the face, all before Wild Card can react. As he leaves, Wild Card tries to shoot Trinity from behind but is foiled once again.

Campo Imperatore valley in the Abruzzi

Trinity and Bambino buy new suits with their winnings. Running into the family they helped earlier, they are overheard pretending to them to be federal agents, with Bambino as "The Captain" and Trinity "The Lieutenant". Then they go into a smart restaurant for dinner, consuming huge quantities of food with a notable lack of table manners. When they leave, they meet a man who, believing the story about their being federal agents, gives them four thousand dollars to "keep their eyes shut." The two brothers now travel to a town called San José where they start a bar brawl with some convicts they recognise. These they take to the local sheriff for the bounty. The sheriff informs Trinity and Bambino that everyone in San José works for the man who paid them the four thousand dollars and that they should avoid the local mission especially. Once there, Bambino pretends that he has come to confess, considerably shocking the prior.

That night they find that the man who paid them off also uses the mission for gun-running and to store stolen loot. The brothers trick the local monks into helping them beat the outlaws, while actually planning to take the loot for themselves. After a long fight, which the brothers and the monks naturally win, a group of Rangers shows up and arrests the outlaws. One of them thinks he recognizes Bambino as a wanted horse thief; to allay his suspicions, Trinity repeats that they are federal agents and gives the Ranger the stolen loot.

As they ride away squabbling, they see the pioneering family stuck fording the river (as they did once before) and the film ends with Trinity riding down to help them.





SzereplőSzínészMagyar hang
Trinity Terence Hill Ujréti László
Bambino Bud Spencer Bujtor István
papa Harry Carey, Jr. Kránitz Lajos
mama Jessica Dublin Pécsi Ildikó
Denveri banditavezér Riccardo Pizzuti Trokán Péter
Jesse, farmerlány Yanti Somer Orosz Helga
Szerzetes Pupo De Luca Székhelyi József
Seriff Enzo Tarascio Helyey László
Farmer Enzo Fiermonte Buss Gyula
Farmerfeleség Dana Ghia Farkas Zsuzsa
James Parker Emilio Delle Fülöp Zsigmond
Lopert Gérard Landry Szokolay Ottó
Denveri banditák Fortunato Arena Kun Vilmos
n. a. Rosta Sándor
n. a. Kárpáti Tibor
Nagykártyás Hendrix Tony Norton Csankó Zoltán
Félszemű kártyás Gilberto Galimberti Balázsi Gyula
Főpincér Franco Ressel Jakab Csaba
Fogadós Luigi Bonos Makay Sándor
Stingary Smith Benito Stefanelli Ujlaki Dénes (1. hang)
Wohlmuth István (2. hang)
Murdock Jean Louis Szabó Sipos Barnabás
Csendőrvezér Adriano Micantoni Kisfalussy Bálint
Istállós Dante Cleri Imre István
Harry, utas a kocsin n. a.
Clementino testvér n. a.
Filippides testvér n. a.
Fegyverboltos n. a. Pataky Imre
Idősebb kártyás n. a. Dobránszky Zoltán
Idős vendég n. a. Antal László
Stingary Smith társai n. a. ?
n. a. ?
Stingary Smith testvérei n. a. Ujlaki Dénes
n. a. Várkonyi András
Gonzales, fegyvercsempész n. a. Orosz István
Ágnes, utas a kocsin n. a. Papp Ágnes
Idősebb utas a kocsin n. a. ?


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