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A Romance of Three Kingdoms (Chinese with English Subtitles) 5 Parts -- 84 Sub Parts -- 58 Discs VCD

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A Romance of Three Kingdoms (Chinese with English Subtitles) 5 Parts -- 84 Sub Parts -- 58 Discs VCD


Romanceof the Three Kingdoms is a Chinese television series adaptedfrom the classical novel of the same title by Luo Guanzhong.The series was produced by ChinaCentral Television (CCTV) and was first aired on the network in 1994. Itspanned a total of 84 episodes, each approximately 45 minutes long. One of themost expensive television series produced at the time, the project wascompleted over four years and involved 400,000 cast and crew members, includingdivisions of the People'sLiberation Army from the Beijing, Nanjing and Chengdu military regions. Some of the dialogues spoken by characters were adapteddirectly from the novel. Extensive battle scenes, such as the battles of Guandu, Red Cliffs and Xiaoting, were also live-acted.

List of episodes

The series is divided into five parts and each part has a differentexecutive producer and director(s).

Part One

Title: (Part One: Heroes compete for power)

Executive producer: You Shijun

Director(s): Shen Haofang, Cai Xiaoqing

#          Rough translation oftitle (in English)   Original title (inChinese)

1          Oath of the PeachGarden 

2          The Ten Attendantscause political turmoil      

3          Dong Zhuo takescontrol of the capital   

4          Cao Cao presents asword  

5          The three heroes fightLü Bu      

6          The Chain-linksStrategy  

7          Fengyi Pavilion      

8          Offering Xu Provincethrice     

9          Sun Ce builds adynasty     

10        Shooting an arrowthrough a halberd

11         Battle of Wancheng          

12        White Gate Tower (part1) 

13        White Gate Tower (part2)          

14        Discussing about heroesover drinks      

15        Yuan Shao and Cao Caomobilise their armies 

16        Guan Yu lists threeconditions  

17        Returning riches and aseal       

18        A lone journey over athousand li       

19        Reunionin Gucheng        

20       Sun Ce's death       

21        Battle of Guandu (part1)   

22        Battle of Guandu (part2)  

23        Yuan Shao is defeated    

Part Two

Title: (Part Two: TheBattle of Red Cliffs)

Executive producer: Zhang Guangqian

Director: Cai Xiaoqing

#          Rough translation oftitle (in English)   Original title (inChinese)

24        Leaping across the Tan Streamon horseback  

25        Liu Bei seeks thevirtuous 

26        Turning back torecommend Zhuge Liang     

27        Three visits to thethatched cottage    

28       The inferno at BowangSlope        

29        Assisting the peopleacross the river   

30       Arguing with theConfucian scholars     

31        Cleverly instigatingZhou Yu    

32        Zhou Yu's plan goes towaste      

33        The Heroes' Gathering       

34        Borrowing arrows withstraw boats     

35        The Self-torture Ruse       

36        Pang Tong presents theChain-links Strategy 

37        Thrusting a spear andcomposing a poem       

38       Zhuge Liang prays forthe wind    

39        Burning of the RedCliffs   

40       Seizing Nan Commandery by wit

41        Conquering the fourcommanderies       

42        The Beauty Scheme      

43        Ganlu Temple         

44        Return to Jing Province   

45        Zhou Yu is infuriatedthrice       

46        The Crouching Dragonattends a funeral         

47        Slicing off beard anddiscarding robe    

Part Three

Title: (Part Three: Emergence of the Three Kingdoms)

Executive producer: Shan Yusheng

Director: Sun Guangming

#          Rough translation oftitle (in English)   Original title (inChinese)

48       Zhang Song presents amap       

49        Liu Bei enters Sichuan       

50        The Phoenix falls at a slope     

51        Righteously releasingYan Yan  

52        Conquering western Sichuan      

53        Attending a banquetalone and armed with only a blade  

54        Battle of Hefei    

55        Contention for thesuccession     

56        Mount Dingjun      

57        Strategic capture ofHanzhong    

58        Drowning the sevenarmies        

59        Leaving Maicheng   

60       Cao Cao's death 

61        Cao Pi usurps the Hanthrone    

62        Campaign against Wu 

63        Burning of the linkedcamps      

Part Four

Title: (Part Four:Battles in the south and north)

Executive producer: Zhang Jizhong

Director: Zhang Shaolin

#          Rough translation oftitle (in English)   Original title (inChinese)

64        Calmly holding off fiveenemy forces    

65        Troops cross the LuRiver  

66        Seeking a path out indire straits

67        Meng Huo is capturedseven times      

68       Northern Expedition  

69        Winning over Jiang Wei  

70        Sima Yi returns

71        Empty Fort Strategy     

72        Sima Yi obtains a seal    

73        Battle of wits at Mount Qi

74        Zhuge Liang disguiseshimself as a god  

75        Six campaigns on Mount Qi       

76        The fire isextinguished in Shangfang Valley  

77        Autumn winds on theWuzhang Plains

Part Five

Title: (Part Five:Three united as one)

Executive producer: Hao Hengmin

Director: Zhang Zhongyi

#          Rough translation oftitle (in English)   Original title (inChinese)

78        Feigning illness totrick Cao Shuang     

79        Conflict in the Wupalace   

80       Siege of Mount Tielong     

81        Sima Zhao commitsregicide        

82       Nine campaigns on theCentral Plains   

83       Stealth march to Yinping   

84       Three united under Jin      


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