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Vallader Romansch New Testament and Psalms / Il Niev Testament, Ils Psalms / Switzerland Romance Language

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Vallader Romansch New Testament and Psalms 

Il Niev Testament, Ils Psalms

Switzerland Romance Language


Romansch is a Romance language spoken predominantly in the southeastern Swiss canton of Grisons (Graubünden), where it has official status alongside German and Italian.


Neues Testament mit Psalmen „Vallader

Sprache: Rätoromanisch

Verfasser: Conferenzia pasturala Engiadina Bassa;

ISBN: 3383505025

Artikelbeschreibung: Gebunden – 839p. – 82x124x18mm – 133gr.

Contributors: Peter Paul Cadonau, Hercli Bertogg, Fundaziun Anton Cadonau per il romontsch en baselgia


Vallader (About this sound [vɐˈlaːdɛr] ) is a variety of the Romansh language spoken in the Lower Engadine valley (Engiadina Bassa) of southeast Switzerland, between Martina and Zernez. It is also used as a written language in the nearby community of Val Müstair, where Jauer is spoken. In 2008, schools in the Val Müstair switched from Vallader to Rumantsch Grischun as their written language, but switched back to Vallader in 2012, following a referendum.

The name of the dialect is derived from val 'valley'. It is the second most commonly spoken variety of Romansh, with 6,448 people in the Lower Engadine valley (79.2%) naming Romansh as a habitually spoken language in the census of 2000.

Romansh can be separated into two dialect groups: Rhine dialects (Sursilvan, Sutsilvan and Surmiran) and Engadine dialects (Vallader and Puter).

A variety of Vallader was also used in Samnaun until the late 19th century, when speakers switched to Bavarian. The last speaker of the Romansh dialect of Samnaun, Augustin Heiß, died in 1935.

For a long period of time, the oldest written form Puter held much prestige with its name. It was used as the language of the aristocratic Engadine tourist region near St. Moritz (San Murezzan). It was used most widely in the 19th century. Vallader has since become more important.


The first written document in Vallader is the psalm book Vn cudesch da Psalms by Durich Chiampell from the year 1562.

Other important authors who have written in Vallader include Peider Lansel, Men Rauch, Men Gaudenz, Andri and Oscar Peer, Luisa Famos, Cla Biert, Leta Semadeni and Rut Plouda-Stecher.

The songwriter Linard Bardill also employs Vallader in addition to German and Rumantsch Grischun.


Native to Switzerland
Region Val Müstair, Lower Engadine
Native speakers
~6,000 (2000)[citation needed]
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Glottolog vall1248[1]

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