The Ultimate Chinese Study Bible / Luxury Burgundy Leather Edition Thumb Indexed, Golden Edges

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The Ultimate Chinese Study Bible / Luxury Burgundy Leather Edition Thumb Indexed, Golden Edges

Words of Christ in Red, Maps, Footnotes / 中文聖經啟導本 / Traditional Script

Product Features

  • Author: Prof. Timothy Yu
  • Leather Bound, Edition: 2000
  • Publisher: The Rock House Publishers
  • Language: Chinese Traditional
  • Pages: 1989
  • ISBN: 9789623990868
  • SKU: 0648620513151
  • Condition: New

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The Ultimate Chinese Study Bible in the Luxury Burgundy Leather Edition is a premium study Bible designed to provide an enriching and comprehensive study experience. With thumb indexing and golden edges, this Bible is as elegant as it is practical. Featuring the words of Christ in red, detailed maps, and extensive footnotes, it stands out as a top choice for serious Bible students and church leaders.

Product Features

  • Luxury Burgundy Leather: The leather-bound cover in a rich burgundy color gives this Bible a luxurious feel.
  • Thumb Indexed: Thumb indexing allows for easy navigation through the Bible.
  • Golden Edges: The golden edges add a touch of elegance and durability to the pages.
  • Words of Christ in Red: The words of Christ are highlighted in red, making them easy to locate and study.
  • Maps and Footnotes: Includes detailed maps and extensive footnotes to aid in understanding and contextualizing the scriptures.
  • Study Aids: The first few pages provide guidelines on how to study the Bible and instructions on using this study Bible effectively.

Interesting Facts

  • Prof. Timothy Yu: Renowned for his scholarly work, Prof. Yu has compiled a Bible that is comprehensive and accessible for all levels of study.
  • Popularity: This study Bible is a favorite among underground Church Pastors in Mainland China, known for its thoroughness and practicality.
  • Comprehensive Aids: The study aids included make this Bible one of the most comprehensible versions available in the Chinese language, offering rich resources for in-depth study.


The Rock House Publishers: Known for producing high-quality religious texts, The Rock House Publishers ensures that their editions are both beautiful and functional, supporting deep engagement with the scriptures.


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  • 豪华酒红色皮革: 皮革封面采用华丽的酒红色,赋予这本圣经奢华感。
  • 拇指索引: 拇指索引使圣经查找更加方便。
  • 金边: 金边增加了优雅感和耐用性。
  • 红字耶稣语录: 红字标注耶稣语录,使其易于查找和研读。
  • 地图和脚注: 包括详细的地图和广泛的脚注,有助于理解和上下文化经文。
  • 研读辅助: 前几页提供如何研读圣经的指南和如何有效使用这本研读圣经的说明。


  • 俞教授: 以其学术工作而闻名,俞教授编纂了一部全面且易于使用的圣经,适合各个层次的研读。
  • 受欢迎: 这本研读圣经在中国大陆的地下教会牧师中深受欢迎,以其全面性和实用性而著称。
  • 全面辅助: 包含的研读辅助使这本圣经成为中文语言中最全面的版本之一,提供丰富的资源用于深入研读。


磐石出版社: 以制作高质量的宗教文本而闻名,磐石出版社确保其版本既美观又实用,支持深入的经文研究。


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