Studies on Money in Early America by Eric P. Newman, Richard G. Doty / The American Numismatic Society 1976 / Hardcover

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Studies on Money in Early America by Eric P. Newman, Richard G. Doty / The American Numismatic Society 1976 / Hardcover

Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number 76-6790

ISBN: 978-0897220651 / 9780897220651

Hardcover 1976

PAGES: 216

PUBLISHER: American Numismatic Society

LANGUAGE: English  


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The Bicentennial of American Independence is an appropriate time to review the English monetary practices in Colonial America which had their effect in being part of the cause of the American Revolution. The first two complaints in the Declaration of Independence relate to the refusal of the English administrations, both local and in England, to agree to or approve laws passed by the Colonial Assemblies. The many frustrations of the Americans in endeavoring to improve and maintain their economic status were caused by their inability to obtain satisfactory laws for desired coinage and paper money issues.

The emergency period, beginning from the start of the American Revolution and ending with the establishment of government under the Constitution, was replete with numismatic experiments on a Federal, as well as on a State level.

Thus, the United States had an unusual numismatic heritage which the American Numismatic Society wishes to honor by offering this book and preparing a special exhibit in its Museum.

The preparation of an encyclopedic catalogue of early American money would to a great extent be a republication of research already available in the many books, monographs, and articles on the subject. Instead, the Society had endeavored to include in this book unpublished or updated research which it is hoped will shed new light on specific areas of numismatic interest and stimulate others to continue into the future further research in the fascinating field of early American numismatics.

The Editors wish to thank the scholars who contributed to this book and Mr. Leslie Elam, Director of the American Numismatic Society, who has guided this project from its inception to its completion.

RICHARD DOTY, Associate Editor


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